Top 10 things to see and do in La Paz (Bolivia)

I have unfortunately remained only a few days in La Paz, the Bolivian capital. To really benefit, it would have took me at least 10 days on site. This is certainly a big city, but worth it. Organized as a real mess!

La Paz vue panoramique

There is a lot of traffic and therefore pollution, full of dust and plenty of sunshine, that severe bangs! There are merchants every 2 meters. There is everything, as well, chocolate flan in the middle of padlocks or electrical son and other objects of all kinds.

In the middle of the jungle, there is strangely easy place! I’ve selected my top 10 things to see and do in La Paz, hoping that you will complete this list with more days there!

1. Kili-Kili Mirador

Before understanding this anthill, nothing better than to observe it from above! La Paz is a kind of large bowl, surrounded by mountains. Even snowy mountains on the horizon. The Mirador Kili-Kili give you a breathtaking view of the capital. It is easily accessible but remember to take a bottle of water and a hat, it goes hard! It is best to go a little before dusk to see the city by day and night, all lit up yellow and blue. Unless you want to go twice!

2. San Francisco Church

Eglise San Francisco La Paz Bolivie

In the middle of the city and lost in a maze of highways, the Church San Francisco loses some of its charm. However, in the evening, at dusk, it is the place of appointment of Bolivian after work, before leaving in the evening.

Lovers find themselves shamelessly hugging. There are dance and magic shows. Peddlers circulate with ice, gelatin or fruit juice. It is a place to observe the daily life of the capital!


3. Death Road by Mountain bike

The most dangerous road in the world, used in the past by minors. There is now another secure road for its workers.

La route de la mort

However, it is possible to take the old road, the edge of precipices to rival the more adventurous! It is practiced by mountain bike, well supported with guides. It takes a good physical condition to undertake this difficult day for your arms and back. The course of 4 hours (performed in several sections) will lead you in the middle of the Bolivian mountains. You will be at the edge of cliffs and waterfalls. It is magic ! See my video here.

4. Market of witches

There must have been over time a real market for witches! Today, there are only a few shops for folklore. Herbs, mantra, llama fetuses, and all you need to cast spells, is at the end of the Jimenez street.

marché aux sorcières la paz bolivie

The walk down this street and the adjacent one is very nice. Between the restaurant, ferias, “magic” shops, you have a good time. Looking up you can see the electrical installations of a thousand son, hanging on balconies or roofs.

5. Jean Lane


Also as part of a ballad, rather the dusk, there is Jean alley. This is a pedestrian street only. It is very nice to hang out there after a day in the middle of La Paz traffic. It is also the museum of musical instruments street with original show on Saturday evenings and art galleries. Each building is colored pink, blue, yellow. Old lanterns illuminate the cobblestone.

6. Museum of Coca


Coca, emblem of South America, which is not a drug! been a very rewarding museum in the heart of La Paz. In addition to informing you about the history, culture, economy, or its transformation, the museum aims prevention. You will learn for example that the earliest references to the use of coca goes between 2500 and 1600 BC; today, 36 countries (including the US and UK) have permission to produce “legal cocaine” for medical uses; that the original Coca-Cola contained cocaine and that in 1940, coca was declared first in requires mining companies and railways …

7. El Alto Market

La Paz, the most city …. So it’s no surprise that takes place each Sunday, one of the largest markets in the world. The supermarkets are rare, nonexistent see … 25 minutes by bus from the center of the city, you will find yourself in a huge open-air market, it is impossible to see in full on a single day. To find out, good luck!

marché la paz bolivie

Crawling everywhere, screaming merchants their products, demonstrations and prizes at all costs. Everything combined with the music coming out of the speakers of the merchants of “MP3”. It includes absolutely everything. Kitchen utensil, clothing, chemistry tube, tires, cosmetics, objects recovered in the garbage, seeds, electronic, engine, etc. It would be interesting to challenge this market. Find this or that object, to the more unusual. I am sure we can find it!

The market is surrounded by food stalls of all kinds, chicharron, caldo, ceviche, aji de fideo, etc. 8 Bs on average, 85 cents of euro, you can enjoy a feast.!


8. Plaza Murillo

Place_Murillo_La_Paz_Bolivie (2)

This large colonial-looking place is surrounded by beautiful monument. On the center, there are thousands of pigeons, fed grain handle. It’s impressive ! It is better to keep these distances if you will not end up assaulted!

9. The Cathedral of Our Lady La Paz

Also on the Plaza Murillo, the cathedral of neoclassical style is majestic both outside and inside. It is guarded by uniformed soldiers who are easily captured.

10. La Paz, at night

Finally, I will talk about La Paz at night. The lights extend to the horizon. Yellow, orange and blue. All mixed with cars headlights. The mountains are covered with lanterns and immerse you in a special atmosphere. The burgers wheel to merchants, soups, chicken are all output. Bolivian eat reclining on the streets. The places are teeming with people who have appointments. The storm rages off!

LA PAZ la nuit

La Paz, beautifull city…


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