Tip # 3 – Money, Blue Dollar in Argentina

Argentina, a country that is not cheap. How to earn 20-30% on your bill of currency exchange, easily, and safely? Blue Dollar of course!


You’ve never heard about it? I explain to you!

Blue Dollar, what is it?

This is to exchange currencies (euros or dollars) to Argentine pesos at a better rate than the official rate on the black market.

Why is it possible?

Since 2011, the Argentine government introduced exchange controls. Argentine longer could use their credit card abroad, or even access to currencies other than the peso from their country. Then, it is difficult to trade or simply to travel.

He then naturally developed a parallel market where currencies such as the dollar or the euro are bought or sold in the street, with a better rate.

Although in recent months, the Argentine financial markets have re-opened the doors to the dollar, the Blue Dollar still remains.


Today, it is commonplace. We can speak freely, ask anyone where to find the best place to exchange dollars. And we hear “*cambio, cambio” every street corner. The best is of course the big cities.

How does it happen ?

Go there with other people. On the one hand you will feel more comfortable and secondly, you will have more to share, and then it will be easier to get a better rate. Because yes, even here, everything is negotiable. You have to stay reasonable in negotiations! Go into the street, and when you hear “cambio“, stop to ask what rate is practiced. Feel free to start asking the next. That’s the game !
When everyone agrees, go! You follow the “seller” in a corner or in a back room, I do not know where … and we made the exchange. Real gangsters !! hehe.

A few tips !

This is where common sense but it is always better to be notified first. Take your time to calculate yourself how much you should give. Recount then. Also check each note, one by one, to ensure that this is true notes. To give you false notes is not for their benefit but sometimes happens, so don’t take the risk of taking money.

Security ?

The first time I went, I told myself: “Now, they know that I leave with a big amount in pockets, I will be attacked in 4 blocks, right?” Well no, it’s a business! If you are robbed, you will not go back to exchange more money; and who do you trade more than the dollar or the euro? Tourists of course! So don’t worry!

So quiet and leave go all proud to be doing a good deal!

* exchange


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