Time for yourself in travel… but not only

I am in transit in London between two continents, two cultures, from South America to Asia. I am so close to my homeland and either so far. Because I have a special thought for my friends who stayed and who work hard every day without looking up too. And finally, because even around the world can sometimes feel tired.

For all these reasons, here are my top 5 little things to do to relax a little bit in the urban jungle between two appointments and feel itself “as around the world”.

1. Walk & disconnect

Whether it is warm or cold, if you are under 15 minutes walk to reach a place (between two appointments, to join friends, …), go by walking.

But beware, your phone is disconnected, removing your headphones and takes your time. This is to make this trip as a promenade, watching people you cross, observing your surroundings, discovering the surprises the city has to offer.

You will then see architectural wonders, street art, a stolen smile,… Moreover, you will have taken time for you to think, dream, observe. You will come to your appointment relaxed, with a happiness mind.

If you do not have 15 minutes away, no problem! You can take public transportation and get off one station before and zouuu, the rest by walking!

2. Alone in a café

I hear you say, “Never! People will look at me strangely, etc.

Well, who cares! Take a hot chocolate, a glass of wine at a café table for only company: a good book, magazine, newspaper, sketchbook … up to you.

You can also sit on the terrace (not on a large boulevard full of cars!) And watch the passersby, sparrows, other running while you precisely quietly enjoy your drink and this break.

3. The unexpected visit

You spend all day in front of this church? this gallery? Why not take 10 minutes (not much really) and enter in without having planned?

Take this time to think of anything other than what you see, to admire the paintings, sculptures, listen to the pof the place, enjoy the smells of stone and appreciate this quiet moment just for you.

4. A stolen moment

Musicians, dancers in the street? In a hurry?

A song rarely lasts more than 3 minutes. So enjoy, smile and place a small piece for the show, for the job.

The art of relaxation and generosity and bind it for just 3 minutes on your day.

5. Test new activities

We like our little habits to change the ideas: a drink with friends, going to movies, watching TV, maybe even go out to the theater! But ultimately, we are rarely creative!

A breath of fresh air, it is sometimes also test new things, have the impression that this day was not like any other. One thinks to go skating on the ice, an exhibition, sailing on a lake in a boat, take a bike and wander in the city, in a flea market bargain … all ideas are good as they are not included in the daily.

Here are my tricks, the trick is to slow down, focus on the present moment and one thing at a time.


And you, what are your tips for a breather?

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