The word for Hanoi city is: “many” …

I started my journey in Vietnam by the city of Hanoi, the capital. I don’t know where to start, this is a city full of surprises, very noisy and when life is at every corner.

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Yes Many, many tourism, many travel agencies, many motobike, this swarming all over the place.

The traffic is maddening. Horns roar at any cost, to pass, to overtake, to say “push yourself” … The air is charged, heavy, suffocating. Motorbike drivers wear a mask practically all the grounds worked to protect themselves from pollution. We now understand better our Asian tourists visiting Paris, just a cultural story again!

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But Hanoi can also be quiet at night! This does not last long. From 5am, many Vietnamese go out to do exercises around the lake, the freshness of dawn. We see runners, others walk faster, stretch, swing arms, are a kind of Thai Chi … Thirty minutes later, the sun rises and the roar of scooters starting to be heard again.

Bare-chested men and pants (I talk about underwear !!) drive on their motorcycles. Red lights are useless. No need to wait to cross. Go praying not to get knocked down.

In the streets, there are plenty of street vendors carrying a basket filled with donuts, bike, loaded like donkeys or using balance baskets.


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You can find everything on the sidewalks. Meats, fruits and vegetables are exposed, ready to be sold. Chickens move freely in the smaller streets.

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At mealtimes, Vietnamese flocked to eat or drink tea in street restaurants. They sit on chairs close to the ground on the edge of the streets. The selection of food is awesome and it’s really delicious.

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Men fishing on the lakes around the city. The heat is sweltering during the day. Electrical son hang in every way.

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So if you go through Hanoi, enjoy this great organized mess and soak up!

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