The wine trail in Maipu (Mendoza)

If you go through Mendoza and you’re wondering what to do, it’s easy … The wine route! The regions of La Rioja, San Juan and Mendoza are known worldwide for their wineries. San Juan is the town where wine is the best but Mendoza was able to work better its image and wine tourism!

Malbec, degustation de vin à maipu, mendoza

In the southwestern French respectable, I could not resist spending a full day on my bike to sample some wines in the wineries of the region. Therefore, management Maipu to tour wineries, armed with sharpened my palace.

Before starting

Around the large city of Mendoza, is Maipu, a place known to gather many bodegas and charm the wine lovers. It includes the famous Malbec. The French appreciate also find the Bordeaux varieties, imported in the nineteenth century such as Merlot, Pinot Black or Chardonnay.


How to get there ?

From Mendoza, take the bus Grupo 10 (sub-number 171-172 – 173) in the street named La Rioja and down in the center of Maipu, about 40 minutes later. Ask the driver to let you off.

Little tip for the bus: know that Mendoza (among others) you need a card to use the bus. It does not cost expensive and you need to recharge. If you will not take the bus more than a day and therefore will not be required to purchase a card, plus the price of trips, two possibilities are open to you. Ask the hostel if someone can lend you his card the time of day that you reload the cost of your journeys. Second option, a little more complicated, ask the bus stop a passenger to take you a ticket with his card in exchange for the amount of travel.

The wine trail

Mendoza province, considered the first Argentine wines manufacturing region in the world has many famous wineries like Familia Cecchin, Cavas Don Arturo, San Arturi, etc. It is also the land of Malbec that has a bad reputation in France (translation “Evil Mouth”) but is a very good wine in Argentina because of the climate, very different. The houses and Trapiche and Lopez, more industrial, not missing.

Vignes Mendoza Maipu

I enjoyed the dirt roads between vineyards and olive trees, fields of cicadas and crickets, “southern” smells and colors which strongly reminded me of my heart area. As a bit of nostalgia! In the distance we see the profile the mountains of Cordon del Plata and Tupungato volcano overlooking the Andes. The sun dazzled us and the temperature was perfect for spinning at speed on his bike. We must admit, that as and when the day and thus the growing amount of glasses of wine “tasted”, the trip seemed more and more beautiful and the day more pleasant, hehe!

Panneau de vélo Mendoza

Throughout the trip, I met a bunch of other acolytes and we all supported tastings! Each Bodéga, the price is different and what is included also. From simple tasting, which looks more like a bar, to the complete tour of the area with a guide in Spanish and English well.

Musée del vino, maipu, mendoza

Do not miss the Museo del Vino, which explains how the grape varieties from around the world arrived in the region, climatic differences, operation and making wine. It is very enriching! Even if you already know, it’s still good to start with the visit.

Musée del vino, maipu, mendoza

A short video from my bike … Ok, I forgot to film the bodegas! But we can not do everything, drink or film, choose !!

Rent a bike

Many forums and blogs Apologists bike hire Hugo, and he did not buckle. The bus drops you virtually in front and you can anyway not miss it.

Hugo, location de vélo à Maipu, Mendoza

Outstanding hospitality, good listening, attractive prices, and lemonade end of term (in good seller!). The police know well and pay attention to the tourists who sometimes return with a few drinks too many on roads with traffic story you are safe. It is really appreciated! This is an address that I also highly recommend.

Hugo et moi, location de vélo à Maipu, Mendoza

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