The road of the seven lakes in Patagonia

In preparing my trip, the road of the seven lakes was part of the top 10 things I wanted to see by going to South America. I had planned to go cycling on about four days, taking my time and then with a thermometer displaying zero degree, I changed my mind and decided to make it with organised tour, in a bus, on a day !

Sur la route 40 en Argentine

The ride is beautiful, it is a superposition of different landscapes. Trees in autumn colors with snowy peaks in the distance, pine trees line the road, few clouds float at eye level and the sky is blue like those summer days. We pass several bridges. The bus stops at each lake. Sometimes the edge, sometimes for a higher perspective. In the morning, there is steam on the surface of the water and the road, it’s freezing !!

Route des 7 lacs en Patagonie

Further up the mountains, the red, green and yellow trees are covered in frost. This is a beautiful gradient from the base of the mountain, colorful, towards its apex, all white.

Route des 7 lacs en Patagonie

Our driver, guide, fun, is a mine of information. He drinks his mate throughout the journey and makes us participate, welcome in Argentina!

boire du maté en Argentine

The lakes

Better than words … pictures to show the charm of the place …

Bariloche - route des 7 lacs (1)

Bariloche - route des 7 lacs (2)

Bariloche - route des 7 lacs (4)

San Martin de los Andes (1)

Behind the visit

Well obviously, as I mentioned to you, I went with an organized tour and therefore tourism. The disadvantages, as always, is that you’re not alone. At each stop, combis, parties at the same time, all stop at the same time in the same place and sometimes we have to fight a bit to take a picture without “Claudette grandma” on the picture!

Route des 7 lacs en Patagonie

Secondly, we speak of the 7 lakes “road”. It is indeed all the way that is interesting and the fact to depend on the tower and not stop only slightly lakes can be frustrating. It misses indeed some magnificent views of the forest or snowy mountains.

If I should do it again, I’ll probably rent a car, make the trip a whole day quietly, slept in San Martin de los Andes and make the return trip the next day.


San Martin de los Andes

After seven lakes, we reach the final, San Martin de los Andes where we have 2 hours of free time to eat and see the city. Very typical, all wood, there are quite a few things to admire. The beach, marina and several boats at anchor hanging.


The city itself and its fronts in wood like mountain chalets. The main square and its fountains that come alive every 20 minutes. The church whose interior is also completely in wood.


And for you? bike or car?


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