The Death Road by Mountain bike, adrenalin and vertigo!

Camino de la Muerte, Death Road, Route de la Mort… Whatever language you use, it will always remain one of the most dangerous roads in the world! And as I like the excitement, I told myself I was going to try mountain biking.

Camino de la muerte, la death road, la route de la mort

The most dangerous road in the world

Closely at the edge of a precipice, she made more than 200 deaths each year. Today, the most dangerous road can be avoided by taking a side road, wider, in good condition and that crosses several tunnels. Many trucks (among others) still go through the old road because wages are higher. And of course, it is also one of the most popular attractions of the country!

Mountain Bike

For maximum adrenaline, you have the opportunity to practice this road on a mountain bike. So that’s what I did!

Between 300 and 500 bolivianos for all inclusive day. The bike:  it offers three kinds ranging from one with no suspension that one for competition, and sure prices are difference! The complete equipment of the cold tale protections, falls, etc. The snack between two tracks and buffet on arrival. The journey by bus and sometimes course breakfast before leaving. In return, they give you photos of day on DVD.

From La Paz, mini bus, armed bikes, drove us to the start of the Death Road. Before arriving there, we pass a checkpoint which costs 25 bolivianos. This money is used to maintain the road, remove the bulkiest stones, etc.

route de la mort bolivie, camino de la muerte, death road

It also makes you sign a release in the case where you would have a fatal accident.

When they asked my phone number care insurance, I start to wonder if it was really a good idea to make the death road by bike … haha!

Then, it starts at 4700 meters, 4 intense hours on Camino de la Muerte, and finish at 1700 meters altitude. The 3000 vertical meters are widely felt. We start in the clouds, well wrapped in her coat, hat, scarf, gloves and I spend to finish t-shirt, dripping with sweat!

But most impressive remains of course the descent, on the edge of a precipice 1,000 meter peak, in the middle of the Andes. The vegetation around is wonderful. It is in the middle of the Bolivian mountains, you pass under waterfalls that flow on the road. The path is covered with large rocks that must be avoided, holes … Even with suspensions (I had not taken), the arms are taking a big hit from holding the handlebars.

cascade route de la mort

You should also pay attention to cars or trucks that might happen in front, cornering or there is no visibility … Hard to imagine the situation when full pot down on a narrow road at the edge of the empty and brakes, with this elevation, put at least 10 meters to their mission! And of course, there are big turns every 20 meters!

Reward at the end of the journey in a hostel. Buffet and pool under the summer sun! And to return, everyone rebuke a bus for three hours away effortlessly to La Paz.

piscine route de la mort


Because there is nothing more talking, here’s the video I made of my day on the Death Road in Bolivia.

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