The best way to visit the most tourist places

Sometimes I wish I live at a time when many lands were still unknown. I could be an explorer! As in the animated movie “Up”! I could “explore the unexplored!”.

But here is something almost impossible today. The most beautiful places, natural or constructed, are arranged, pay, tourist. Open 24/7 and throughout the year, thousands of people are amazed by your side when you see eyes open a site dating back to ancient Egypt, from pre-Columbian times, the Incas or Ming era.

So how do we do? Is asked to close the park just for us? We groan all day after the other tourists who are thinking the same thing? Not really!

Here are my tips for finding a good compromise, be alone on sites hosting thousands of visitors a day and thoroughly enjoy without being polluted by others.

Arrive early at the opening

Ok, all the guides say, it’s not new. And one might say that precisely, all the world will do the same and therefore that this board is not the best. Think again … It’s a good idea TRUE. There will be other visitors like you, but few, believe me.

I was able to be the first to set foot on Wayna Picchu in the morning, one of the first to also wandering in the mist over Machu Picchu, alone for over an hour to admire the Iguazu falls on the upper walkways Argentine side, alone on the Pisac ruins in the Sacred Valley, and I could go again!

Take your time

I will not repeat it often enough, but it is the key to a good trip (security, more something to do …). If you are with a huge group, there is no point in running to arrive before them at every place because in the end, it is you who are not going to see anything to be too concerned about their progress rather than your surroundings.

So let pass the flock, even if it means for you to wait nearly 30 minutes. After all, you have a guide to read, take a picture or a beautiful landscape to admire, right?

Easy access

If you are offered at the entrance of the shuttles, mini trains, or any other means of transportation that do not require you to walk, refuse and use your legs! Unless the walk lasts two hours and is very steep (like to Machu Picchu!), It is best not to follow the first stream of visitors. They will indeed wait wholes together the arrival of the convoy and enter the site all at once! Arriving by walking, you’ll often a step ahead of the herd… Moreover, you will see other things they will not see.

Photo, who takes me?

Well, it’s true, the advantage of the people around you is that you can take a picture …, provided they know how to use your camera! And it’s not so simple. Between those who do not understand why there is no visual on the screen and you have to look in the eye to take the picture, those who cut your feet, those that take you close up forgetting the principal or the site behind you, those who do not understand where the shutter release button is found … In short, I have a thousand stories to tell, such as the time when finally I could not have my picture with the lighthouse at the end of the world in Ushuaia because the girl has never grasped the meaning of the unit … haha!

The best thing is to bring a tripod and use the timer. We need someone really well. There are ultra light aluminum, ultra portable and cheap. No need to be equipped as a professional if you want to keep a bag light to raise.

If you do not want the hassle of a foot, you have the alternative of the pole! It is lighter, easier to store but it is also more limited because you can only make portraits you!

The best times of day for brightness and so your pictures are from 8am to 10am and from 16pm to 17pm. This is perfect, we said we had to arrive early and take your time!

Required to go through a ride?

If you really do not have a choice and therefore you must take a collective bus, guide, with kids, grandpa…, be smiling and patient.

A priori, if you are together is that you have all the same desires on the place to visit. Do not hesitate to ask to others to leave you enought space to take your picture, you will do the same afterwards!

The guide is your best walking partner because everyone “follows”. You will therefore be the first arrival !!


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