Tango, gypsy passion!

Whether in school or for entertainment, the tango, “new flamenco”, is very popular with Argentines. Since the first waves of immigration from Spain to those of 90’s, or even today, it is a dance that awakens passions across the country.


That may be the sound of the guitar, the footwork, song, rhythm or outfit … maybe it’s the history, the atmosphere or folklore … or a bit of everything!

Flamenco, so from the Spanish immigration, Andalusian roots, adapted, transformed to become the tango today. A passionate embrace with the visceral force of 4 by 2 times. A tradition!

But whatever its origin, born of the people dance and is modified by the passage of time, tradition and the place where it is played here in Argentina. It is a living art, clutching his roots and tradition while snuggling on the waves of progress.

Today, with the proliferation of milongas which are deployed tango, flamenco clubs growth in cities across the country, it is clear that dance flows in the veins of the Argentine.

Regardless of gender, age, religion, social class, everyone dances the tango. A pure state of mind, a passion. Male or female, single or couple, on Saturday, Sunday or every day of the week, Argentine dance.



While in Buenos Aires, I experienced the frustration Catedral (mythical tango) watching, sitting on my chair and my drink in hand, these couples dance with intensity. I had the beating heart danced myself her graceful movements, fierce and rhythmic moaning on the guitar and accordion to Confeteria Ideal afternoon.



However, to become a pro tango, this is a real challenge, because technically it is quite complicated. One must have a good ear and rhythm. It takes at least two years to fully master the hand movements, the leg game. It should also be a little stubborn and determined and consider dance with grace and dignity.


If you go to Argentina, and you just want to admire and satisfy your curiosity, many professionals are involved in tango in bars, especially in the capital.

Olé !


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