Singapore by night, we love it!!

Singapore, the city of 200 shopping centers, which has one of the most consumerist society with the largest hotel in the world, largest swimming pool, fountain, aquarium, wheel, and so on … the world! The city that one trip in one day walk without seeing the sky. The city where a cultural day trip quickly turns into a frantic day expenses.


In search of nature and “human” encounters this surface city is certainly not one of my favorite destinations! However, at night in Singapore … all its lights, … make it magical! Everything is light show, grander version, powerful!

Here are some photos for you to participate in the magic of the place, Singapore by night!

Each building or monument is illuminated by spotlights, game red lights, blue, green … Pedestrians neighborhoods such as Chinatown are decorated with lanterns, the leading brands are illuminated the tops of the buildings of the financial district and the bay becomes a theater with holograms on the surface of the water!

The fountain of abundance

The largest fountain in the world, located in the Suntec City Mall. In its center, there is a small fountain around which people turn three times in the direction of clockwise touching the water with his right hand. You make a wish and it will come true! Every evening at dusk, she lights up and every hour, there is a show of water jets and light.


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The hotel with the most expensive building in the world, the longest pool in the world …. offers an amazing show every night of the bay.

Lighting, light rays, water jets, music. It’s crazy! The museum and the bay becomes a moving circus of all colors with fireworks.

In the evening, on the forecourt of the hotel’s shopping center runs a show hosted by holograms and which is projected an artistic film.




On the way to the gardens at the rear of the Hotel Marina Bay Sands

On the way to the gardens at the rear of the Marina Bay Sands, only the building is illuminated, hiding the lights of the city and its buildings. We discover another dimension. On the bridge, one can see the big wheel, it also illuminated course!



Gardens “Gardens by the Bay”

As unreal day, the gardens are an attraction at night. Music dominates the site and trees light up the rhythm of it. You can easily spend an hour admiring the “canvas”. It is almost like in a science fiction movie, an imaginary world where everything is peaceful.

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Night and Security in Singapore

Singapore is probably the safest city in the world. You could walk around with a transparent bag and $10 million in a bundle inside you do you don’t bother. It is very easy to walk around until late at night. The air is mild, the cafes are open terrace overlooking the bay and the pedestrian streets where there flits in the city of lights!


To discover Singapore’s day, this is here !

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