Region Misiones, nature heaven

In the region of Misiones, one breathes the jungle, life, nature, full of colors. Those who have had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful province of Argentina will never forget the sound of hens in the morning, the smell of wet earth and majesty of its flora.


Located in the northeast of Argentina farthest region, it has international borders that connect Brazil and Paraguay. Its geographical position gives it the privilege of a humid subtropical climate and makes the existence of animals and incredible insects, trees such as saw palmetto or a wide range of bamboo. The landscape is a joy for all the senses. It is not surprising that the jungle of Misiones region is one of the most biodiverse areas in all of Argentina. The rain is plentiful all year and it is not uncommon to live in one day an unexpected storm followed by a scorching sun.

World’s wonder

The main attraction is undoubtedly the Misiones Iguazu National Park, created for the conservation of the Iguazu Falls and its surroundings. Unesco has declared these 67 600 hectares as a World Heritage Site due to the great biological diversity of subtropical jungle. Here’s some of the species that we can find: yaguaretes (kind of jaguar), ocelots (type of wild cat), yacares (type caimans), turtles and 450 species of birds such as toucans , magpies and parrots. In addition, there are more than 2000 species of native flora. No wonder that the falls were chosen as one of seven new wonders of the world!


The falls are really majestic and overwhelming, with an incredible flow distributed over 275 waterfalls. Powered by the Iguazu River, the greater the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat), with its 80 meters high. Forming a semicircle is a surprising natural surroundings. The falls can be observed multiple gateways, designed to be traversed on foot. There is the lower circuit that offers unparalleled panoramic views different. In addition to the spectacle of this living water, admire the formation of rainbows and flying colorful butterflies.

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

Nature & Adventure

“Thoso who swallows everything” (in Guarani language) or Monoca, is a unique geological fault in the world where rivers Yabotí, Pepirí Guazú, Uruguay, Serapio and Calixto meet. The Mocona formed a canyon three kilometers, with numerous waterfalls parallel to the channel. This is what differentiates this site from other famous cascades or waterfalls. Within the park, there are many attractions. Making fast boat and watch from below the magic of water while taking a shower.

Bateau chutes d'iguazu

There are also canoe tours along the Uruguay River and rafting. To see more closely the local fauna and flora, we offer you photo safaris through the jungle with dense vegetation is home to many birds and other mammals such as Yaguarete.

Magic city

Visit San Ignacio is like talking about a trip to the past. The city of red earth at 238 km Iguazu and surrounded by jungle is a destination known for its Jesuit Missions.

Route de terre rouge à San Ignacio

In the city are actually the ruins of the greatest historical and cultural value of the Misiones region, the ruins of San Ignacio Mini. Guarani Jesuit Missions were established in the cities of the 17th century by the Society of Jesus, whose main objective was to evangelize the natives and give them the tools necessary for their “evolution”. In this sense, these ruins offer the greatest record of life in this region.

Ruines de San Ignacio Mini

Ruines de San Ignacio Mini

Ruines de San Ignacio Mini

In addition to the day of visit, do not miss the show at night which traces the history of the mission with a great set of holograms and color.

Ruines de San Ignacio Mini de nuit

90 pesos entrance fees on day and 90 pesos for the evening show. A bit expensive but if you make the trip to see the ruins … it’s worth it!

Finally, if you didn’t have enought, you can still start the attack Teyu Cuare park and contemplate the Paraguay on the other side of the Parana channel.


Rio Parana


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