Prambanan temples, Hindu wonder

Prambanan is a set of 240 Shaivite temples, a UNESCO heritage site. At only 17 km from the city of Yogyakarta on Java island in Indonesia, I drove there on motobike I rented by the day.


It is possible to combine in a single day the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan ones or by yourself for small budgets or with organized tour, depending your budget.


Prambanan, Hindu temples, was built in the tenth century. It is dedicated to the three main deities (Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma) who have their building. It is besides its three buildings that constitute the main attraction of the site.


Resembling necessarily to buildings that are found in India, the buildings are the color of the volcanic rocks. However, the bas-relief sculptures and other Indonesian adaptation of the Ramayana era, mythological epic Sanskrit language, fundamentals writing of Hinduism.



The place is dispersed in several buildings and the site is large. We then went under consideration the number of tourists and it is easier to circulate.


All around, stone amoncèlements form the ruined remains of the site. Inside each temple is a statue of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.



We find the guardian of Hindu temples (also of the tree of paradise in Bali) above each door. It protects the external evil to keep a protected location.


The sculptures show the Hindus but also Buddhist deities. This is one of the most representative monuments of the world a peaceful communion of two religions.

How to get there

Tours offer you there by bus to Rp 100 000 roundtrip. You leave early in the morning to arrive at sunrise. The visit can be combined with that of Borobudur but it’s a big day!

Access to the site costs Rp 207,000 for foreigners. You should know that since the beginning of 2014, the Indonesian government to about 10 times all rates of national parks and tourist sites on Java. So when the input cost only Rp 15,000, it is now Rp 200,000, and even for locals. A real shame!

Personally, I preferred to go by myself because I wanted to see the countryside. So I rented a scooter for the day to Rp 75,000 (or 5 euros). The road is very easy, it’s a fast track straight. By plane needs!

Did you know ?

Generally, Hindu temples are built on the same rules. A statue of the worshiped deity stands in the center of the building in an area called garbha griha. All around stands a carved entirely round. To enter the temple, we pass through a porch adorned with a statue of the Hindu guardian. There may be one or more rooms connected by narrow corridors. When one enters the sanctuary to pray, turn in the direction of clockwise.


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