Portrait of the week: La Bohème, crepe Made in Peru!

Sarah, 27 yo, a native of Draguignan (In France) runs La Bohème, a hostel + creperie in Cusco, Peru. It is around a delicious crepe with Nutella (how to resist!) she told me her story.

Srah, La boheme, des crèpes et une hostal

Portrait of a lively woman in Peru …


Hello Sarah ! Tell me how you came to Peru?

This was done in several steps. I was studying architecture and my last year, I went to do an internship in Peru for two months. I really felt in love of this country. I went back to France to pass my exams and get my degree without forget Peru and travel. In the process, I won an architectural competition with a financial prize. So I thought a lot about and I decided to use this money to go traveling for a year.

Of course, my destination was South America, a journey of a year since the line of Ecuador, to Ushuaia. I ironed by Peru and I saw people who had taken during my internship. They then asked me to come work for them as an architect and I said yes. I was finally in Peru, my heart stroke on all countries in South America that I crossed with a working resident visa.

After a year and a half, I was again thinking that I may be would like a simple life where we are closer to the people than in the world of architecture.

I then went back to France on holiday to take time. In three or four months, associated with an outgoing French friend of the hostel and married a Peruvian school with, we had the idea of ​​the creperie.

The Peruvian adventure then began with crepe!!

Why a creperie and a hostel?

This was a great opportunity. My friend went back to France and I became sole owner of the creperie. Two months after the opening, the owners of building asked to me if I was interested to buy the restaurant adjoining the hostel. The perfect combination, especially in a city like Cusco. So I said “yes”!

Where does the name La Bohème come from?

I was working in my garden with my friend from the hostel school. That was before the opening, while we created the project. For a week, we racked our minds to find out what name we were going to be able to give to the creperie.

La boheme cusco

At a moment, he started singing “La bohème” by Charles Aznavour. It was it! We had to find the name of the restaurant. A word that represents very well our state of mind, travel and which could be understood in all languages!

What is the specialty of the business?

For crepe, it is above all the ingredients. Instead of importing wheat flour or cheese from Europe or the United States, I use local products (jam, fruit, cheese, etc.). I discovered cañihua flour (cousin of quinoa which is very close to the color level of the wheat flour and nutritionally rich. Only Nutella jars are imported but how to miss a crepe with Nutella? (I confirm!)

crêpe au nutella cusco

For hostel, I’ll talk more about atmosphere. I tried to make it a place where everyone feels like at home. It has beautiful common spaces, a kitchen where I let the ingredients for travelers. The fireplace that sits in the living room gives warmth and friendliness. It is a way for me to participate in their travel.

What project for the future?

It’s been a year since we opened March, the 27th precisely. For the second year, I planned to break the walls and make the flour will do that with the hostel. One not without the other.

With Feliciano, my commis chef follows the adventure from the beginning, we want to leave in the communities of Ollantaytambo where it originated and organize community actions. Spend a day with the children and introduce them to crepes with workshop and tasting.

What is your passion ? Your hobbies?

Painting and drawing. The remains of my former life as Architect can be? I also made all frescos, logos, and designs that can be found on the walls of La Bohème.

What is it that you miss from France?

Haha, cheese of course!

What do you prefer in Peru?

The Andean sky. We think we can touch so it is up to the mountains. Day or night, it’s never the same. Clouds, stars, waves, movements. It is magic !

The last word, what is your favorite color?

Easy, the red … As our outfits for the crepes!

La Bohème and me

With such an amazing atmosphere, I stayed a few days at the hostel. We had the right to an afternoon demonstration and tasting Pisco Sour, an evening organized by Travelers tartiflette and many other surprises!

demonstration pisco sour la boheme cusco

If you want to give a hand to the hostel, know that you can have the room and board in exchange. RDV on Facebook La Bohème here..



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