My top 64 details of South America

Four months in South America with one month in Ecuador, Peru 1 month, 1 week in Bolivia, Argentina 2 months and 1 week in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro only). While walking every day, visiting the towns, villages, in contact with residents, listening to the guides or simply strolling the sandstone of my desires, I have noted in my notebook all the little things specific to this rich continent cultures and traditions.

Here are my top 64 I hope to one day complete by browsing the other countries I have not seen this time. In South America, so we saw …

  1. Priests blessed cars in Ecuador.
  2. Graph and other beautiful paintings on the walls of cities. Artists are paid by the towns which allows better performance and more respect.
  3. Height bins to prevent access to animals.
  4. Hummingbirds of everywhere, all the time in Peru and Ecuador.
  5. Hairless dogs in Peru.
  6. Police service be shining shoes (in the proper sense) or play billiards in the Guesthouse.
  7. Movies in buses, even on trips of less than two hours.
  8. Children work in Ecuador and Peru. They “help” their families.
  9. Live chickens more than 10 hours traveling in the cargo hold of the bus, enclosed in boxes with holes.
  10. Dogs slept anywhere of (pavement, roadside, etc.) without fear of hunting by humans.
  11. Each centimeter of soil carried on the mountain sides.
  12. Electric plugs inside the showers.
  13. 1 penny plastic coins only used in supermarkets in Peru.
  14. Shops closed on weekdays from 14pm to 18pm in Argentina, because it’s time for a nap, even in large cities.
  15. Guinea pigs barbecued.
  16. Lama fetuses used as an ingredient in Bolivia wizards.
  17. Hot water available in the bus in Argentina to mate.
  18. Corded phones placed in the middle of the sidewalk so you can call in Bolivia.
  19. People queuing in a line in front of banks, the early morning, sometimes for more than one hour of waiting.
  20. Children in school uniform are every day early in the afternoon, at the end of classes.
  21. Police checkpoints every 30 kilometers in north of Argentina.
  22. Ice shops on every street corner.
  23. Scales in the street to know its weight
  24. Ice vendors and other confectionery happen anywhere on the bus, in the middle of the Andes.
  25. Rivers pass over the roads and not the reverse.
  26. Pigs tied to a stake by the hind leg on the edge of mountain paths.
  27. Quail eggs carriages by way of snacks.
  28. Surveys fingerprints before boarding the bus in case of accident in Peru
  29. Women knit or embroider all day behind their feria stand, vegetables or cheese.
  30. Young couples to smooch seen in parks, on park benches, everywhere …
  31. Collective bus passing through the towns screaming at all is their destination.
  32. Sweepers use large palm leaves to clean the street.
  33. Butterflies of all colors and all sizes everywhere, all the time (ok, maybe not in very large cities !!)
  34. An organized bingo in Andesmar bus company in Argentina. A key, a bottle of wine to win!
  35. Advertisements painted directly on the walls.
  36. Phones powered by solar panels in the middle of the Argentine desert.
  37. Children accompany their parents to work because they do not have school.
  38. Canned milk in Peru.
  39. Llamas pass quietly in the front of kitchen window.
  40. Tax at bus terminals such as airports.
  41. Plastic bags used as a glass, closed with an elastic and fixed around a straw to drink easily.
  42. Eagles come to rest our feet.
  43. The accent in Argentina with closest pronunciations of Portuguese than Spanish ch ch ch ..!
  44. Waterfalls flowing over the road.
  45. Lockers at the entrance of supermarkets are to enclose our big bag.
  46. Fresh fruit juice vendors on every street corner.
  47. Boby cream bottles or water bottles explode at the opening because of the altitude.
  48. People who are all day with their thermos of hot water and yerba mate in Argentina.
  49. Music everywhere, all the time.
  50. Street only in one direction.
  51. Web connections still functioning satellite in Patagonia.
  52. Suckers “leads sink” whose handle is more than one meter fifty.
  53. Barbecue in the middle of the street, on the sidewalk in Argentina.
  54. Yogurts sold individually in supermarkets.
  55. Milk in flexible containers.
  56. Houses painted in every color.
  57. Wifi available and the television on all public places in major cities in Argentina.
  58. Street where you hear every two meters “cambio, cambio” in Argentina, to change money on the black market!
  59. Men and women stopping all they do to help and with a smile.
  60. Many but really many “kiosco” sponsored by Milka.
  61. There are printing and reprographic shops at every street corner.
  62. Taxis honking every 2 minutes in Peru.
  63. Cars that do not care about pedestrians who want to cross the road.
  64. The week starts on Sunday in Brazil


What else ?

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