Iguazu Falls, emotions in front of its falls

Iguazu falls, one of the new 7 wonders of the world … I was looking forward to see them! In preparing my trip, I had placed in my top 5.

So many emotions and excitement when I put athe first step outside the bed thinking, “this is it, this is now” and what a moment! I wouldn’t have believed such a spectacle. Follow me, I tell you!



Iguazu Falls is 275 waterfalls, 80 meters high, 3 kilometers long, all spread over two sides. Some will tell you that the Brazilian is the most magical but I don’t agree with this view. Whether the Argentine or Brazilian side, both have their particularities and offer a different view of the falls.

The Argentine side

You are at the heart of the falls! The whole visit is by walk (or almost) and is accessed via different gateways to falls.

Passerelle du Parc d'Iguazu

Once inside the park, you can take a small train or walk to the falls. It is quite fast. The walking portion switches to the middle of the forest. We hear in the distance the water running and it’s hard to imagine what a sight we wait!

train dans le parc d'Iguazu

Then there are different possibilities of access.

Overpass shows how a river to calm exterior, we are left with a roaring downpour show that flow into the void. The deafening sound mingles with the cries of eagles circling in the mist. The waterfalls extend to the horizon.


Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

We see the largest falls far called Garganta del Diablo (“Devil’s Throat”). It exceeds all others in an imposing and majestic mass.

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

On the underpass, we are in the thick of the action at the bottom of the falls. The water falling from the steam created which practically rises to the top level.

Dans le parc d'Iguazu, passage inférieur

Sky arcs form and then mixed with red rock, green vegetation and white-brown water, the range is incredible. Water is an earthy color because it rains constantly for one week and falls are more abundant in the dry season.

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

San Martin island is accessible by boat from the lower level. It then finds all near the falls to the bottom, soaked by the spray of the Devil’s Throat, which flows in front of us. We see the other tourists on speed boat go under the falls and be literally showered!

Bateau chutes d'iguazu

The last part also accessible by the train and walk much further, led to the birth of the Devil’s Throat.

Dans le parc d'Iguazu, Garganta Del Diablo

We meet just above, as if we can touch it. The feeling is amazing, I wanted to cry it is so strong, powerful, a demonstration of nature that touch you! The water flows into a huge mass, it is difficult to describe. We are overwhelmed on all sides by water, noise, fumes, power …

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

The noise is deafening, rumbling, as if it came from inside. It is even difficult to agree to more than a meter away. People are scrambling to take the best photo. I have never seen anything as impressive. You feel the power of water, current, fall. You feel so small!

Brazilian side

When we say nothing to do, and yes, the Brazilian side really has nothing to do. Rather, it is a panoramic view of all falls and this makes it possible to visualize all, how is formed the fault. We realize the incredible number of falls, small and large. However, we see from afar, at the beginning!


From the park entrance, we first take a shuttle, mandatory. We can’t walk. It’s a bit like a Disneyland without Mickey Mouse! The entrance to see the falls is expensive when compared with that of the Argentine side … not to mention that the site is really less interesting (273 against 170 pesos in Argentina!).

The shuttle then deposited at the beginning of the course, yes because there is only one way! It runs along the opposite shore, over 1 km from it. We see all the stunts by far. The panoramic view of 275 falls is impressive but much less than being in the heart of the gushing water!



The path parallel to the fault and thus falls, is also lined with trees, preventing the view in many locations. There are platforms “view” emerged, so small that one has to queue and wait your turn to do the photo. I went in low season, the less touristy! I can’t imagine in high season! It takes longer to hurry, no time to admire the scenery, other tourists waiting behind you!


The highlight of the show is obviously at the end where we find ourselves at the bottom of the Devil’s Throat. There is a glass elevator for mounting on bridges above the fall or descend directly into the mouth of the devil. A gateway is fitted directly on the water all the way to the fall. It is literally soaked but the show is impressive. Remember to take your poncho or wetsuit, hehe…


From my perspective, the Brazilian side is not essential but it remains nevertheless a great experience. If you only have one day, choose the Argentine side.



We must not forget that we are in a park preserved and declared natural heritage by UNESCO. We find many species of birds, animals and plants… You can admire among other coatis who watch your bags of food with great appeal.

coati dans le parc d'Iguazu

Chute d'Iguazu côté argentin

Tips and tricks

The guides indicate that it is best to arrive early to avoid the crowds. One might then think that everyone is going to follow this advice and eventually shield the site the early time … and no, to the opening, there are only very few people. I even got to visit for an hour without meeting anyone .. paradise!

The video of my visit


To get to the Iguazu park, either the Argentine or Brazilian side, it will cost 80 pesos round trip each time. I visited the website from Argentina and does not know the rates for Brazil.

Admission costs 170 pesos Argentine side for foreigners and less course for Argentine and Latin American 273 pesos against Brazilian side.



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