I hitchhiked in Argentina!

On four months in South America, Argentina represents nearly half of the trip. Unfortunately for me and especially for my budget, it is also the most expensive countries on the list (after Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia). We can’t do much in terms of activities and small pleasures of daily life.

Sur la route en Argentine, mont aconcagua

I almost came to regret the other countries where absolutely all the days were punctuated by tours, hiking, trekking and other activities. My budget of 20 euros per day all inclusive adequate. But in Argentina, it is a different story. It’s roughly an ‘European’ country. Ouch ! It hurts the wallet.

After spaced activities, designed to reduce the number of trips, and food and realizing that it was stupid, I decided to attack me the means of transport. They are off the price of fact, among others, the distances and the price of oil. Thus I decided to test the hitch-hike for the first time in my life traveling!

Thus I found myself one morning at 8am at the exit of the city of Chilecito, confident enough, on the legendary Route 40, to join Patquía, 1 hour drive. I had prepared small cardboard signs with written above cities.

stop en argentine

A first experience on a short trip! My idea was to reach the city of Villa Union to visit the Parque Nacional Talampaya (nonexistent transportation to get there that day!).

Paysage dans le nord argentin

After just 15 minutes of waiting, an Argentinian couple pick me up for 20 km. Not much, but it’s a start! They invited me to have breakfast with them, a very pleasant moment. Then Nicolas, owner of a car dealership, dropped me at the edge of town at the police checkpoint, loaded croissants and buns for the road!

So it’s a good cop who found me my second car, heading to Patquía. A retired couple drove off to tour Argentina. They told me they were going to visit the Vallee de la Luna, perfect is basically what I wanted to visit in deciding to go to hitch-hike! It is with great pleasure that so I followed them. They insisted on paying my lunch. Really, really the Argentinian hospitality!


Parque Ischigualasto

They dropped me in the afternoon to another police station. At this stage, lost in the desert, three hours in the dark, I still had about two hours’ drive from the big city of San Juan. For that matter, the hitch-hike walking so well, so go on …

It is a group of itinerant and Argentinian bikers who then took me for a superb ride, hair blowing in the desert landscape of northern Argentina. We stopped at a road Feria. It is a place fitted out in the middle of the road nothing to make a break by restaurant. This made me a bit like a sort of makeshift seaside resort where restaurants and bars are together. All under plastic tents.


stop en moto en argentine

It was therefore no surprise that I did last hour journey by truck, carrying minerals. Fernando, his driver was in Buenos Aires and asked me a billion questions about France and about my journey. In principle, the truck drivers don’t have permission to transport passengers when the truck is full, to avoid theft, where any other problem. But Fernando told me he did not think that I was interested in its cargo of “rocks”, haha!

Resume of the day, 402 km, extraordinary landscapes and above all an excellent practice Spanish. Besides, I have spoken with many more Argentinian in one day than in one week. I talk about real discussions, not those for reservation or ask where is the supermarket!


Paysage argentin

After a night in San Juan, I left town by hitch-hiking for the last two hours travelling to Mendoza. Again, in less than 15 minutes (it is good sometimes to be a girl sometimes!), I found a car. Two gentlemen, rolling a little mechanical therefore took me. At the speed they were driving, we have less than two hours to get there for lunch time!

For the rest of the journey, the trip (Mendoza -> Bariloche) is too long (over 20 hours) and colder. So I’ll have to take the bus. But in Bariloche region, it seems that the stop is a national sport … To be continued!



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