From Bali to Gili Islands in ferry

Because everybody can not pay Rp 500,000 a fast boat to get to the Gili Islands in just two hours, there is the possibility to take the ferry, less expensive. The journey takes on day!


My budget backpacker, my love for resourcefulness and I have preferred to spend a full day in transportation, how to get here from Bali to Gili island for about Rp 200,000.

In Bali

Whether you are in Kuta, Sanur, Ubud or another city, you need to get to the ferry in the city of Padang Bai. For this, no need to take a taxi or seek to get there by bémo. In Bali, tourists pay more, just because they are tourists!


The intermediate solution is to book through a shipping company that will take you directly to the port. Perama The company is the cheapest I could find in this mess of tourist companies! Rp 75,000 from Kuta or Ubud.

From Bali to Lombok (ferry and combi)

Once in Padang Bai, it’s very simple, the bus takes you to the port. You have to then buy your crossing to Rp 40,000 and to embark on the edge of the large boat dock. Yes yes … the one being loaded with two huge trucks filled tidal board. Find yourself a spot outside on the deck or inside with the other Indonesian glued to the television screen.


The journey takes five hours, watch out for sunburn and small appetites. There are many things to snack stalls on the port but also a bar / shop inside the boat. The prices are higher, so plan ahead!

After five hours of crossing, you arrive at Lembar where you will have to find a combi (difficult to negotiate prices) to go 3 hours’ drive north of Lombok, at the port of Bangsal.

Last step, Gili

At the port of Bangsal, head to the ticket counter for local boats avoiding fast boat tout.


The cost of the ticket depends on the Gili island on which you wish to travel from Rp 11,000 to Rp 13,000 route. You will have 30 minutes maximum navigation before set step on the white sandy beach.


If you are traveling alone, it will be difficult to negotiate the price combi on Lombok, and between Lembar Bangsal. The premises are well aware that appointments on Gili or the Rijiani!

There are in the company of Perama All-inclusive tickets including bus, ferry and combi. Sometimes the boat to Gili.

The return

To return, don’t worry! All companies and especially those of the islands of Gili Trawangan offer all-inclusive packages from Gili to the city of your choice on Lombok or Bali. Look at the prices of several companies and choose the most competitive.



  • Leave early from Bali as the day is long. Moreover, the last boats leave at 17:30 from Bangsal. If you don’t want to spend a night in the port in an expensive hotel, better get there early!


  • Caution wet feet! Via local boats between Bangsal and Gili, there is no pontoon. The departure is directly from the beach. You will then put your shoes with water or remove them!
  • Everything is negotiable, everything! Some orders of prices: 75000 combi Lembar to Bangsal. 180 000 all inclusive package back to Bali from Gili!

Good trip, and enjoy this little paradise that is the Gili Islands!

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  • Xavier Polvoskie
    1 year ago

    Hello guys. If u have a vacation on Bali, I totally recommend you to go to the Gili, namely to the Trawangan
    island. To get there just ask guys from easygili. com how to buy ticket on speed boat. They helped me. So,
    now you’re standing on the coast of the island. Now you can do what you want, but don’t drink cheap alchohol
    or you may die. This is bad idea to do it here. Buy a beer, man. Everybody have to dive at least one time and
    try local fishing. The feeling was inexpressible!

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