Diving on the wreck of the Liberty Boat

The Liberty boat is in the tiny town of Tulamben, 15 kilometers from Amed. During my week on the roads of Bali, I was given a small scuba diving on the wreck, a vibrant site.


The Liberty Boat

Liberty is an American cargo ship has been torpedoed by the Japanese during the Second World War. He then came aground on the beaches of Bali to save his crew. In 1963, the eruption of Mount Agung has led the boat to the bottom of the water, to the delight of divers. It is now a wreck at 20 meters from the beach. Life has reasserted itself on and around the boat.


Because of its proximity to the beach, diving starts from the beach. The waves crashing on volcanic pebble beach make immersion difficult for beginners.

Once under water, it’s beautiful! There are a multitude of fish of all colors. The funds consist of corals of all kinds. There are stingrays, humpback parrot coming out the same day, anemones, multi-branch or starfish intense blue.

Then comes this steel monster collapsed, covered in life. It is possible to pass through the cabin and go up in the chimney of the cargo. The sheet is completely covered with red coral, yellow, green and gorgonians.

The first level of the wreck starts at five meters to finish at about thirty meters. Bearings are the rhythm of the waves going up the funds. This is pretty easy, it is surrounded by a multitude of fish, it is very beautiful!

Here is a small excerpt of funds filmed snorkeling before the dive.


Dive Concept

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