Crowd in Borobudur temple

The Borobudur Temple is one of two key historic sites of the city of Yogyakarta on Java island. Located 41 km from Jogja (another name of Yogyakarta) and registered in the Unesco heritage, it attracts crowds every day. There are a multitude of different tours to visit.


To save money and thinking that I can avoid the crowd, I decided to visit on my own.

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple dating from the eighth and ninth centuries. The temple, gigantic, is an assembly of several large blocks of volcanic rock that forms a single temple. Every square centimeter is carved, chiseled. Details and drawings are beautiful in stone. They account for most of the deities, scenes of meditation and communion between people and Buddha.




At the top, overlooking a huge stupa surrounded herself other conical constructions. It is said that there are 72 Buddhas depicted in the temple, mostly in meditation position. Around the temple of Borobudur, the two smaller temples, and Mendut Pawon, which we don’t know which god they are dedicated.



The only problem of this temple is that it is permanently full of people. The queue is made to enter, to go up the stairs to go down. One can hardly do without a photo 5 or 6 other people be it! This is the nightmare for everyone.



Coming out, it’s even worse, souvenir stalls of all kinds invade the long driveway and it is virtually impossible to move. Indonesian jump at you to sell you postcards, bottle of water … all they can!


Many offer tours leave early by bus (4 hours of the night) to arrive at sunrise and admire the temple in the morning. These tours are expensive. It takes about 300,000 Rp including the round trip by bus and 4 hours visit.

So I decide not to see the sunrise and go with local transport, saving my budget, and then I had time … Early in the morning, so I went by myself to Giwangan bus terminal, south of the city of Jogja to take a bus to ride to the temple. All for only 20,000 Rp driveway (1.30 €), haha! Two hours later, I arrived on the site.

The entrance to the site also costs Rp 230,000 (about 15 euros!) For foreigners.

If I had to do it again ! !

In hindsight, I should have rather visit from the middle of the afternoon. The site is not very big and I have had much time to get back before dark. Moreover, it would have avoided me this horrible influx of tourists.

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