Challenge: My Peruvian hat wanders off

Before leaving in this world tour, Matthieu, another traveler friend challenged me to buy a Peruvian hat in the country where they are made (you will have to guess, Peru!) And take picture of me with it in Halong Bay in Vietnam.


It is in some way a double challenge because, beyond wear a cap when it’s 30 degrees, it was necessary that I carry it in my backpack during all my world trip. For those who like me travel light, 200 grams, it is not nothing 😉

In all cases, challenge validated, hehe !!

The purchase of the hat

As long as you buy a typical hat of Peru, I wanted it to be completely hand knit. Fully Fur Lama, I found in the city of Huaraz. Women of surrounding villages were installed on sidewalks and knitting to passersby. As I did not have enough budget to the mildest caps baby llama hair, so I had to take a hat with half baby hair, half old lama hair! haha, and therefore rougher.


The Peruvian hat, did you know?

Peruvian hats, or “chullos” are produced on plateaus of Peru (Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Puno and Cusco.) For centuries, between 3700 and 4500 meters altitude. Both male and female, there are all shapes, all grounds and in all colors but all are in 100% alpaca wool.

For further

Peru was the second country on my journey. So I had to wait to get there before hot head. Then I have to leave my cap. He therefore well traveled! So here are some other small pictures entitled, “My Peruvian hat wanders off!”

A Ushuaïa (Argentine)

Ushuaïa (Argentina)

A Bariloche (Argentine)

Bariloche (Argentina)

Sur le lac Titicaca (Pérou/Bolivie)

Titicaca Lake (Peru/Bolivia)

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