A week in Bariloche

Bariloche, often called an Alpine village was my first town arriving in Patagonia. A wonderful place where one feels good. I am therefore remained a little longer than expected.

Centre Civico de Bariloche

Bariloche is…

  • Streets with sloping in a sense, a view of the lake and the other a view of the snowy mountains.

Bariloche en Patagonie

  • Many tourist shops and major brands.
  • Wood everywhere and a small cottage architecture.

Rue de Bariloche

  • A city on Lake Nahuel Huapi, the largest lake in Patagonia.
  • The specially imported cocoa for chocolate culture.
  • The city of chocolate, and thus shops on every street corner. This made me a bit like the image that one has of the house of Santa Claus with many colors, decorations of all kinds …

Magasin de chocolat à Bariloche

  • A bus station created at the site of the old railway station.
  • A city in the middle of the Andes.
  • The second most visited city after Buenos Aires.

What we do in Bariloche?

  • We visit the magnificent Centro Civico. At night it is lit up like a fortified town. Sunday and several times a year, various events are held there, markets, craft fairs … Every day, there are the typical San Bernard with whom you can have a photo taken for a result rather ticket!

Centre Civico de Bariloche

  • We did a city tour through the Cathedral. The interior is really beautiful.

Eglise de Bariloche

  • One strolls on Mitre street watching the shops, there also is made a break for hot chocolate to warm up.
  • A stroll on the beach. Most impressive is to see the waves and a body of water so large that one could believe that it is the sea. But in reality it is a lake with fresh water. .. The wind is so strong that it created waves and swell.

Plage de Bariloche

  • We’re on Cerro Viejo by bus, 17km from downtown. From the summit, which is reached by cable car or a 30-minute uphill walk was one of the best views on the Circuito Chico and lakes.

Circuit Chico à Bariloche

  • Circuito Chico is done in a cycling day. Bike rental prices are quite expensive (the only existing agency with a monopoly …) but it is really worth. We go in the woods, you walk along the lakes, we picnic on the wild beaches. It’s beautiful and it smells good the pines. Here’s a little video to show you.


  • Then there is full of hikes to do around. Cerro Cathedral Cerro Negro and the lagoon of the same name, Cerro Lopez and many others, all as spectacular as each other.
  • From Bariloche, remember to make the road of the seven lakes to San Martin de Los Andes.


My address for a treat!

The restaurant La Marmite, on Mitre street. Fondue specialty, perfect to accompany this ski resort setting. Price a little high but outstanding quality and service to match the price. If you’d rather eat meat (yes because I have not been there once! Hehe) it is really very good and very tender.

restaurant la Marmite, Bariloche



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