World tour budget, before departure & forecast

World tour budget, there is four cost items. There is first the preparation upstream and then, simple travel expenses, those more administrative and finally, an item that I rather call “savings for the return.” I’ll spare you the fourth post that is rather personal and necessarily estimated at this stage of the adventure!

Before to leave


Total (€)

Backpack content 500
Vaccines 130
Internet termination 49
Mail redirection (12 month) 41
Move (rental truck) 100

During my absence

And yes, it’s not because you’re gone abroad for a year to live a unique experience that nothing happens in France. So do not forget a budget (which is easily calculated) to find out how much you will have to pay during your absence:

  • Taxes (income, house)
  • Storage compagny or your rent
  • Hosting site / blog
  • Banking fees

The best is the monthly payment. As long as the account is provisioned, it rolls itself.

What I have planned for a year

A world tour budget is not fixed, it depends largely on how you wish to make your trip. Cosy in the finest hotels? In a plane between each city?

Not for me.
Guesthouse, pick-up and transportation of all kinds, walking when there is less than 5km, resourcefulness and on budget.

By averaging among the most expensive countries in South America and those of Asia cheaper, here is what happens: a beautiful forecast table.


Costs in €



World tour flight tickets 2057 2 057
Healthy insurrance (per month) 33 12 396
Daily budget (hostel, meal, local transports, …) 20 370j 7400
Activity (per month) 200 12 2 400
Visas (Asia + Indonesia) 150 150
Several flight between islands 500 500
TOTAL 12 403

Some people may add type of expenses: passport renewal, ESTA (for USA), photo ID, …

Without being obsessed with your budget, it is well to follow it regularly during the trip. This will avoid unpleasant surprises and you will equalize over time. Go earlier and shorten the adventure because of a budget soared faster than expected can leave a taste of incompleteness.

I will bring you within a year (and not before!) The real expenditures, be patient …

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