Top 10 reactions when I announced my world tour

In just over two months of departure, I think back to the number of people I had to announce my project by saying I have not even done all round … Whatever the category of persons (friend, family, job, administrative, …) to which I announced:

“I’m going to go around the world for a year backpacking!”

… I finally got right almost always the same reactions as follows, in order of recurrence! By dint of hearing the same things, I allowed myself a quick comment on how I felt. I added a bit of sarcasm, but only for form, is not it !! hihi.

  • “I have a friend who comes back… who is doing… who will go on world tour”

This is the comment I heard most often. Even if the sentence is similar, there are here two types of people. First, those I usually know well, and then add “I will give you the name of the blog, may be you will find some information, communicate with us…”. Pleasant, conscious and participatory project!!

And there the second category of person, much less common, often turning a night without really strong bond of attachment. One feels especially the need to belong, to live this type of project throughout the life of others. Most of the time, I was treated to a beautiful display of truculent position held or throbbing apartment proposed purchase, not to mention the next wonderful holiday … No need to be justified, it is also beautiful projects ! In this case, the best answer is to change the subject and focus on its interlocutor (slightly panicked besides having to cogitate on his life and his daily)! We avoided disaster!

  • “Ah! I myself have always wanted to go around the world!”

Usually indicate any other comments or questions later! Each time, I wanted to respond “just do it…”. But I preferred to tell me that everyone has its own story!

  • “I could never go alone”

This is the point that I prefer. It hides many things in my opinion. I suppose in reality it’s just an excuse. When we want to do something, why wait for someone to want well hold hands?

Then there is the second side, longer expected, which is to say that such experience must be shared. For my part, I want to go to meet new cultures and forget my daily benchmarks.

  • “Can I join you for 10 days, I have to take a vacation?”

Those who offered to accompany me and told me he had one full month of vacation, I understand; but 10 days, haha, let’s be serious! I’m going to go around the world, not the tour of a city! So I created the category “traveler interested.”

This is also the same people who want to go to a all inclusive clubon a beach where we broadcast the latest “trendy” music … Beautifull holiday, not a world tour as I see it.

  • “It does not surprise me at all, it’s completely up”

This is people who know me the most closest. I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised. I rather expect to worry, that they disapprove. In the end, they really have been of great support and listening. So, thanks!

  • “How much time are you leaving?”

Nothing more than curiosity, followed by a thousand other issues of all kinds.

  • “How much does a world tour?”

Yet curiosity, but this time more Cartesian. This is a difficult question because, as explained in my article on World tour budget, it depends on how to travel and where we decide to go.

  • “It is really brave!”

Great debates started from this simple remark, very interesting, with very different points of view and all realistic. So I would put a quote from Jules Renard, French writer of “Poil de carrotte”:“True courage is to be courageous precisely when we do not.” So we’ll see during the trip…

  • “If you need to store stuffs, to be hosted before departure or return, please do not hesitate.”

Real friends, I have nothing more to say, but you understood, these are still the same people who were not surprised!

  • “Isn’t it next year as you have 30? You do not want to get married and have children?”

Uh … It’s true that! How is it that I do not want the same thing as most people: a credit, an apartment, a husband, children …! Haha. It remains pragmatic please! Getting married and having children is not incompatible with a world tour. And I’m leaving … Ouhouh a year, I will not go abroad in a hut in the middle of the Amazon forest to live hunting and picking!

In hindsight, I am glad that some remain warm in the standards in order to make my trip a unique experience!

And you? Other feedback?

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