Top 10 iPhone applications in travel

In a hyper-connected world, it is unfortunately very difficult for most people to move from their phone or tablet, even on vacation!

In the Larousse, this is what we find for the word “Holidays : Statutory period of employee work stoppage, during which many people move”. It is true, there is no mention of rest, or disconnection from everyday life, but still … !!

Do you really need to see or play with your phone near a beach in a cottage in the mountains or trekking in the jungle? Apparently yes!

Two months before my departure, I just asked the question whether or not I carried my Smartphone world tour (not quite the same type of trip!), In what context and what I was using applications generally on vacation?

To your satisfaction, therefore, here are the top 10 mobile applications (iPhone) with or without a web connection that are the rage, even on vacation, far, far from a world tour!

  1. Facebook : because you can not enjoy your vacation if your friends do not know what you were doing.
  2. Wi-fi finder : to be sure to find a web connection and just able to connect to Facebook.
  3. Foursquare : Yes! a badge again, I’m in an airport…
  4. WhatsApp : an application that has all-inclusive by allowing you to send free messages to friends despite the borders.
  5. Camera: so you can share them faster your sunsets over all social networks.
  6. Music: to hang out on the plane, to cut the world on the sunbed, not to hear the waves crashing on the sand or the birds in the mountains or moving in rhythm on the ski slopes.
  7. TripAdvisor : the application that will give you the advice of more than 100 million people and will let you make the best choice of accommodation. You can also leave your impressions after your visit (from positive to negative!)
  8. Airbnb : sur le même thème de l’hébergement, trouvez un appartement, une maison, un château qui comblera vos envies à un ou à plusieurs pendant vos vacances.
  9. Tricount : because good accounts make good friends and it really is detestable to get angry on holiday or after stories for money, this is the application that will avoid all these worries. You can find out who paid what the penny.
  10. Skype : if you feel like calling your mom to ask how is your mistigri cat! (It is also necessary that you have shown how the application works!)

As there are probably many more, tell me which ones you use most on vacation?

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