Tip # 1 – Trujillo / Huanchaco to Caraz, buy your bus ticket

Peru, To Caraz

After a few days in Trujillo, you are going to Huanchaco, the seaside resort at 12km far away. But before you go there, you want to resolve the issue of booking your next long bus ride to Caraz, located 62km to Huaraz.

To get to Caraz from Trujillo, you must book your ticket with the company Movil Tour. But should you book from Trujillo or not?

What everyone does

Many travelers book their ticket for Trujillo. Often because the guides indicate that the bus quickly filled and it is better to book in advance. This is true, but a day or two in advance, it is enough!

The agency Movil Tour is located at La Merced III Etapa, Trujillo.

To get there to reserve your ticket you must take the combi “California A”. It will cost 1 sol per trip means two in total and lost one hour of your day.

The trick

It’s that simple! Remember that it is also a company Movil Tour (among others) in Huanchaco, on the road to the central coast. Wherever you are staying in the city, it will not be more than 5 minutes. You can then book your ticket without having to take time especially for this and for free.

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