The world tour flight tickets, when projects come true…

On this great day I acquired the BEAU-TI-FULL world tour flight tickets, I’m excited because the project takes shape and more than that … I finally have my date starting!

Gone are the forecasted schedule to find out when I get where, when leaving my apartment or when cancel a particular subscription…

On departure day approaches, it will be February 6, 2014. A magical day !! ok, I did a little too much.

So I wanted to talk to you of air tickets round the world, no small feat! Some questions from; is what I take all my tickets? is that I am only the main lines and then make reservations on the spot?

After studying some fluctuations and low cost carriers particularly in Asia, chose about what I will do on foot or plane, I thought it would be too restrictive to take all the tickets in advance and I would book now three major trip. Namely, the first flight Paris – South America; and between South America and Asia, and finally, the return flight between Australia and Paris.

You will say, but it does not travel around the world in this direction? yes it’s true, but I REALLY want to get to Australia!

You go through an alliance or through an agency, there are some need to know before embarking on the purchase or quotes from world tour tickets:

  • For your ticket respects the conditions “World Tour” (attractive prices, possibilities of modification dates during travel at low cost, etc.), you have to actually do a tour of the world by plane.
  • The cost of your flight depends on the number of miles traveled by plane and must not exceed 38,000 miles. Therefore, avoid round trips by plane and see point 1.
  • It should also focus on the hubs, the busiest airports.

You understand that by so ending with Australia having made before South America and Asia, I do not totally respect the rules … I do not do a complete tour of the globe.

So I first tried to fend me understand the alliances such as Star Alliance, One World or Skyteam. Given the impossibility of doing the route in the sense that I wished and exorbitant prices, I decided to speak to the most laid agency world tour forums: Travel Nation, a specialist agency of this type of travel and based in London.

The quote for London – Quito (Ecuador) // Rio (Brazil) – Bangkok (Thailand) // Sydney (Australia) – London amounted to 2908 euros. Amount to which I had to add the price of the Eurostar from Paris.

My interlocutor, reluctant to give me advice in emails expeditious, without detail, so I nosed a little on the web, and I discovered world tour specialist speaking about Zip World agency in French, but no more details.

4 days, 10 emails, one phone call and one contact later (Julien thank you for all this attention and this good advice!), a quote for Paris – Quito // Rio – Bangkok // Sydney – Paris : €2000 without paying Eurostar. I even got a free Australian visa .. What more? (Besides the personal interface where our trip is detailed with electronic tickets, itinerary, all for the duration of the journey.)

You’ll understand my choice without hesitation… Zip World!

I will certainly give you my overall impressions at the end of the trip. On your side, please let me also your feedback!

Good luck!

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