The Sacred Valley (Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray)

I wanted to make the Sacred Valley trek but not spend 600 dollars. I wanted to see Machu Picchu but not by 100 dollars train. And besides, I had time! So I stayed ten days in Cusco and I made the sacred valley on my own!

Ollantaytambo Ruines

The Bolleto Touristico

To visit all the sites around Cusco, such as the Sacred Valley or the South Valley, few sites and museums in the city, you must obtain the mandatory Bolleto Touristico. Otherwise, the sites will be denied access.

All inclusive rate (130 soles) or student rate (70 soles), it is valid for ten days and not included Machu Picchu.

Meet at the tourist office in Cusco, close to Plaza de Armas, to get it. You will have more useful information for all your transport means around Cusco.


Terrasses de Pisac

By taking a mini bus from the terminal in Cusco Pisac, it will cost you only 4 soles and an hour away to reach Pisac. Then ask a cheap hostel for only 15 soles and locals will tell you in a readily. Pisac is rather a village but very touristy, so do not expect to find the pearl-term housing.

For my part I stayed in a hostel at the entrance of the city, single room for 15 soles with shared bathroom. Small flat, no internet but for only one night, it is not very important.

You can also visit the ruins and the city in one day round trip from Cusco!

In the center of Pisac (we can not say that there is commuter either!), The craft market made up everywhere on the place of arms in the streets. Everything is designed for the hordes of tourists who come each day with organized tour, spend a few hours and leave. The merchants all speak English and prices are negotiated with difficulties.

Marché de Pisac

In the morning, get ready for an ascent of two hours to reach the ruins. For those who do not wish to walk, it is possible to take a taxi for 20 soles, no less !!

Vue des terrasses de Pisac

On the rather arduous journey to the ruins, you can admire the steep terraced square, waterfalls and rivers flowing from all sides and especially the splendid view of the hills and mountains around Pisac. That’s wonderful ! In the distance other curved terraces, the city and its market.


Ollantaytambo Ruines

One of the most beautiful site for me! You can get there from Pisac if you spent the night when you want everything in one day.

Ollantaytambo is located one hour and half of Pisac. To get there, it will go through the town of Urubamba (1 hour 30 minutes of Pisac and Ollantaytambo in combi). To return, take a combi to Urubamba, then another to Cusco. There are direct combis to Cusco but take the same time and are of course more expensive!

The site is easily accessible, it is located at the front of the city just behind the main square. This visit to one hour and ascension to the summit is easy.

The ruins are composed of square terraces, paths connecting the two parts of a hilltop village and Inca houses, and another at the bases of the terraces. Ollantaytambo is majestic and imposing.

Ollantaytambo Ruines

The town of Ollantaytambo is also to visit with its narrow streets and perfectly aligned. The walls of the houses are all cut stones. There is no motor vehicles that circulate there. Mountains surround the city and the water flows at will by gullies in every corner.


Moray The site is located next to the town of Maras, which also hosts the salt mines “Las Salinas”. Between Maras and the ruins of Moray, there is a significant piece of road. Go there with a combi then with a taxi to the ruins is more expensive than going through a tour. Make several agencies in Cusco and find the best equation.

For my part, I went through a tour including the visit of Moray with a guide, the site of Salinas and a halt in a craft feria with fabric-making demonstration and coloring of Alpaca wool. All for only 30 soles a day.

 Feria coloration alpaga

Moray The site is special with its circular terraces. Real plants acclimatization center, the site is very well preserved and it is again a marvel. You can easily shop around but it is forbidden to walk on the terraces eventually collapse under the thousands of tourists.

terrasse inca et agriculture

There are in the sacred valley many other sites. Sacsayhuaman, Tambomachay or Chinchero; did you visit?

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