The Inca terraces, agriculture and acclimatization

The Incas created a particular type of agriculture to acclimate the plants. Indeed, the villages are located in the mountains, they had to find a way to feed everyone and this throughout the year.

terrasse inca agriculture

The terraces are retained by walls whose thickness makes it possible to store heat. Over the terrace is narrower, the earth is hot. This therefore allowed the cultivation of tropical plants. Conversely, larger terraces were doing for the cultivation of plants that like temperate climates.

For example, coca and quinoa are plants that grow at the origin respectively in the jungle and on the coast. The Incas brought the Andes and allowed their culture through their acclimatization system of plants.

We can count up to 20 different microclimates.

The shape of terraces, square or circular simply depends only on the mountain the curve followed the Incas. In addition, the terrace system can protect the mountain erosion.

Its spectacular terraces can be observed in the Sacred Valley around Cusco including Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Moray (in circle).

terrasse inca et agriculture

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