Statues underwater, diving in Moliniere park

Moliniere park is located in the pristine waters of the underwater reserve Grenada, Caribbean.

In 2001, the artist Jason de Caires Taylor has placed his sculptures underwater and it was only in 2011 that this aquatic museum began to be maintained alongside the underwater reserve.

The sculptures depict the history and culture of the people of Grenada. The seminal work is a round of men and women holding hands, representing the uniqueness of a people descended from settlements.

Several scenes are then arranged here and there in the bay. Religious scenes included is a woman who prays, a man who pray heaven or simpler scenes around the island life as a man on a bike or even sitting at his desk.

The bay is accessible by boat. A more than reasonable access fee will be requested on site. About 70cts of euros per person for the day if you go with a particular boat.

The sculptures are now used as artificial reef and provide a refuge for many species of fish, corals and sponges. An exciting show to do in scuba diving or simply equipped with flippers and a mask.

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