Solo travel as a woman

Before leaving, I often hear “You go alone ?, you’re not afraid?” No ! Fear attracts the danger; although we must not do anything.

I’m not a fan of this type of article which, in the end, create more fear than reassure. Set out all the possibilities of what can happen is not what put the more confident!

Voyager seule Equateur

Here are the top advantages and disadvantages to travel solo (but not lonely!) And a few rules that I follow most of the time (depending the country!).

I am travelling alone, which advantages?

  • We meet many more people every day. People approach us easier and vice versa. At night, if I’m alone at mealtime, I just embeds in a group, nice to meet me and share stories of the day.
  • The locals take us less for tourists (and travelers) and are much more friendly. We make beautiful encounters and sometimes very unusual. A Latacunga, an old lady wanted to come with me to the market because I was looking for my way. This morning I was taking a break on a bench and another woman came talking with me. With a group of friend, they would have seen only another tourist!
  • It obviously has much more autonomy to choose what to do, place to stay, eat. The visits are the sandstone of his own desires.
  • More time. The days unfold at its own pace. We are therefore far less tired at the end.
  • The must for me is during the hikes, walks in the forest, in the countryside, in a park or reserve. No noise or other discussion comes pollute invigorating sounds of nature. This is a real moment of resourcing!

The few limitations that I could find (and I looked for)

  • We’re not on the Pictures!
  • The family sometimes worry (we do not need her to go too sick anyway!)
  • For some trips, it must just find other travel companions to share the costs. But again, being alone often help…

Good pipes (a little bit extreme)

Without necessarily follow everything literally, these rules are the basis that are adapted to different situations. If, however, at some point, you feel uncomfortable, not really safe, then we return to the fundamental and applied following.

  1. At night, you will avoid hanging
  2. Alcohol, you will consume in moderation
  3. Calm tone, you will keep
  4. Correct your outfit, you will insure
  5. The local customs, you will respect
  6. With restraint, you will behave
  7. A minimum of anticipation and organization, you will have

There are also other recommendations are not specific to a woman or a man but simply to guarantee maximum safety as keep his passport with you, hidden and out as the real authorities … (even here one can bother you by asking you a bribe to get it back, but do not become paranoid!).

The best advice: be patient, take your time (haste and nervousness have never promoted exchanges and analysis of the situation).

AND FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT, it is your best friend when traveling. If you don’t feel it, don’t go. You will never win THE exceptional thing to do by taking risks!

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