Salt in the Andes … Why?

There are thousands of years, the ocean covered South America in particular.

Today we find traces of salt underground. Rainwater, streams and rivers are ressurgirent these salt reserves and this gives salt mines.

Las Salinas de Maras

Las Salinas de Maras, 48km north of Cusco, is a site on the hill. The site has no less than 5,000 salt pools, operated from generation to generation for centuries.

The various terraces are crossed by a stream. Water seeps in pools and once evaporated by the sun, it forms salt crystals. Every 10 cm, the latter is then harvested.

Les salines de Maras

There are three kinds of salts:

  • The salt, edible and used for cooking
  • The pink salt that has many benefits for the body
  • The bath salt, inedible, sold for cosmetics

How to get there ?

To get there, go to Maras bus from Cusco and then take a taxi to the site. Entrance costs 7 soles and you can walk to community pools and even buy salt.

I advise you to go instead with a tour that will also include a visit to the ruins of Moray in the same day, guide included, and you will save on taxi, also mandatory for Moray.

In the end, even through an agency, you will save money!

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