Rajasthan, Tips & Tricks

Rajasthan, northwestern region of India, the state of kings, is one of the most visited. This is where the greatest amount of wealth and cultural heritage of India is.

Early 2013, I went backpacking for a 15 days trip. A too short trip to India when we know the slow transport and pace of daily life. I have not used the plane or car and driver, and yet with a rhythm can be supported too, I managed to get out of some trails to discover the wonders of this part of the country!

Off the beaten track

I wanted to share with you my top 5 things to see and do in Rajasthan outside the box. The corners that can add to its list of must to do. Tiny little stops to mark your travel exciting encounters.

  1. Explore the Bishnoi villages about 25 km from Jodhpur and dive into the heart of this isolated community following specific precepts.
  2. Visit the miniature painting school in Jodhpur, meadows behind the Clock Tower market. Vijay, the teacher, is happy to present the work of his students or even give you a lesson.
  3. In Pushkar, the historic town of hippies, go around the lake on foot. On the other side you will come across a sacred bridge that will allow you to see, in peace, the whole city and its ghats.
  4. Also at Pushkar and before the sacred bridge is a magnificent temple where there is none. You will have ample opportunity to observe and take a few shots without disturbing Hindus mediation.
  5. Rent a car or find a jeep to go out of the big cities on your own. The surrounding countryside is full of animals such as gazelles, monkeys, goats …

Did you know?

Means that India is insecure, that India is dirty, that we should not go alone, blah. We could also hear (but unfortunately less often the case ..) that India is smiling, India is colored, India is rich in culture.

If you go, so your little life will find comfortable swept, yes your bearings will be rushed and yes very very awake your senses. But that does not necessarily mean safe or rejection! Rather, it means that your trip will be unforgettable and rewarding. I wanted to write you a couple of things to know before you go in India (especially for girls) and just help you avoid hassles that would then give you the wrong impression. I speak especially of Rajasthan because with a country that is 17 times that of France, there are inevitably differences between north and south!

  • Indians shake their heads from side to side to say “yes.”
  • The Indians do not have the right to talk to a stranger by night.
  • A woman can NEVER be touched by anyone other than her husband. So we will avoid handshakes, Western habit, then considered a touch and an incentive.
  • In the Delhi Metro, some cars are only reserved for women. On the platform, a pink markings and height indicates its location.
  • We recognize a married woman because it has a piercing in the left nostril (favoring childbirth according to the beliefs).
  • BONUS : cow (actually zebu!) is sacred in India because it was created by Brahma, originally the god of the world. This then has the same spiritual value that this deity.

Share your tips & tricks “special India” in comments below.

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