Pisco, Peru’s national elixir

It took me more than 20 days in Peru before I can taste the pisco, the national cocktail. What was my surprise discovering a nice taste, a sour edge, a sweet tip … We don’t feel alcohol!

It is in Cusco, in the Museo del Pisco, THE pisco bar in the city, I tasted my first national elixir, with Anne-Laure & Vincent, a French couple met in Ecuador and travels throughout South America about six months.

The bar where we went traces the history of pisco and prepares all types of mixture. The list is impressive!


Three measures of best pisco, a measure of Peruvian lemon, sugar cane syrup, egg white, ice and a few drops of Angostura bitters (rum flavoring, gentian, orange peel of bitter substances and herbs).

A very simple recipe for a surprising result, the pisco sour (sour acid signifier).


Each year on the first Saturday of February held the National Day of Pisco Sour. There are hundreds, even thousands of liters of this exquisite cocktail that is consumed in every corner of Peru.

However, this national holiday is particularly euphoric in the valleys of southern Peru. Especially in Canete, Paracas and Ica, where was born the purest water of life that is through a fertile and suitable land for the cultivation of a specific grape delicious and for the preparation of pisco.

Origin of pisco

Although this cocktail is originally from the Pisco Valley, around the sixteenth century, the first historical references date back to 1920. It is said that pisco was invented in the bottom of Morris Bar, located in Jiron ofUnion street in Lima center. Its owner, Californian Victor Morris would have created the basis of pisco with whiskey.

A few years later, the pisco sour became the most requested cocktail in the sophisticated inhabitants of Peru.


Most famous in South

The largest wineries south of Lima, located in Lunahuana, Canete, Pisco, Paracas, Ica and Moquegua, produce for many years the different strains of grapes that give rise to the true pisco.

In these regions, the celebration of the National Day of Pisco is usually accompanied by typical dances, parades, free tastings and cocktail making competitions based pisco.

Several versions of pisco

Pisco_Sour_cocktailIn recent years, the boom has created a truly piscos enthusiasm from the greatest bartenders of the country who put their imagination to pisco service. We then find different versions as the most popular based on passion fruit.

Orange, banana, wine, other spirits and even wasabi can create a tasty mixture and give the cocktails based on the most eccentric pisco.

On the map, there was even a captain pisco … especially for me?

If after reading this article you are thirsty, take a little trip in the southern valleys of Peru or in your supermarket and enjoy. Cheers !

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