Peru, eat well and save money

It is not necessarily useful to cook or even having shopped at the supermarket to save money. Here are some tips for eating in Peru without spending a fortune. The saint while having a balanced meal.


Mercado central

You will find menus for only 5 soles in the central market. All cities possess.

The dishes are cooked the day with fresh market produce. Local eat there every day. There are no hygiene concerns and that is pretty good.

A menu usually consists of soup and a main course (usually we offer you 5-6). It also serves you a glass of lemonade or fruit juice accompaniment. I advise you to drink your glass if you are weak stomach because we add water, often tap.


Menu Economico

We find the same menu in the central market of small local restaurants around the cities. Price is varied from 5 to 7 sole, although this remains reasonable!

Asian Food


Chinese restaurants are also cheap and the portions are huge. It’s popular to ask to take what you have not eaten. Indeed, it proves that you enjoyed the meal and you do not want to mess up (not surprising in countries where recycling is king)! You can then make two meals with one dish. You may be asked a small fee of a few cents for the box “to go”, nothing important.

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