OhMyWeek – There is !

OhMyWeek, that’s it, there is, I’m on the plane, the first of my trip !!

This last week, or maybe I should say the month that just passed put an end to all that was my day so far. A month of emotions, active preparations and goodbye.

I wanted to write this article to explain the recent milestones before leaving, my feelings and especially say thanks.

Doubts and feelings

Hard not to start another topic. In just 20 days, I left my job, my apartment, said goodbye to my family and friends. It’s a lot !

Although I am very pleased to begin this journey, I still went through moments of doubt. No ones that make you say that you made a mistake but of those who spin the ball a little belly.

Today on the plane, and after I handed take-off where it all broke … oddly, it’s a feeling of fullness that came over me.

Goodbye daily routine

Do you remember your last day of school, when all past exams, when you know you will never go in class, or any homework? If you wondered what you would do at night or case without having to go at last time? Well, my last day of work gave me the impression of a last day of school. Exhilarating, but slightly sad to leave her classmates!

But after a few days have walked in a quiet Paris, stressed depopulated of its riders, I very well accustomed and I soon forgot my boring!

Sweet home

After months sales (almost) all the contents of my apartment, moving, storage of a few selected business and the keys, I am officially a homeless. I would prefer the term “nomad” although I do not yet full profile. I’m working on it !

The last time that …

  • I attended a meeting
  • I used my transport pass
  • I have read the signs in my native language
  • I enjoy a drink (or rather glasses) of Pinot Noir at “Au Loup” accompanied by a superb charcuterie board
  • I look like a “girl” with the panoply red polish, makeup, purse, perfume
  • I saw Paris from the window of the plane

The “goodbye”

There were goodbyes ahead of them or that parties earlier, the goodbye to the office, the goodbye of friends (30 times minimum!) and goodbye to family. There was even the neighboring goodbye!

Some are is easy, others more difficult, not to mention those that pinch again. Still, this was a month when each moment was only emotions and good times.

Thanks part

It’s been over a month since my friends and everyone around me are doing to please me. In short, a real princess! Between the choice of appointment dates, locations, the last things to see, to eat, to do the unthinkable amounts of issues, re-issues, preparations stories …

So as there is so much to do … thank you and I treasure do lists, here are the non-exhaustive (because otherwise there will still landing) of my first thanks (yes because I’m sure I will have others to do while driving!).

  • My friends for having supported for a year the details of the preparation of my world tour and explanations haunting yet passionate about my next destinations and nomade activities.
  • Always my friends to have assuaged all my requests for more than a month and that’s saying something, hehe.
  • And again my friends for the crazy goodbye party. »)
  • My family to make the second part of my move and storage of some stuffs that I wish to keep.
  • Even my family to have cooked all the dishes that I love before departure!
  • My office colleagues who are initiated my kitty Leetchi to support my world tour.
  • All those adding an object of my list in my backpack. I think of my sleeping bag, my sink mouth, my shorts, my blanket, my Swiss Army Knife, my bag mat, my harness Go Pro, my airbag, etc. I will winks as they use on the Facebook page.
  • Finally, special dedication to the specialist madeleine cookies who accompanied me to the airport! We will not tell you if there were tears or not !!

Here, preparations are complete, I have no car, no more job, no more home, the world is mine, and I will now give way to travel stories and portraits.

Next article live from Ecuador, hehe!

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