My backpack, 10 kilos maximum

The time has come to do my backpack, one that will contain all my life for a year.


What to choose ?

Going through the various blogs and forums, we see that it has substantially the same content when one starts to go around the world.

Some make a real shopping before going on up in specialized stores. Other travel lighter, or even very light.

I especially want to travel as simply as possible and bring me the most of every culture.

“Real life […] begins where the comfort zone stops.”
Neale Donald Walsh

I don’t have bought any technical clothing except my shoes. Surely I’ll find, and cheaper, a warm sweater in Ecuador, a pair of fins in Asia or guides in Guesthouses and other bookstores …


With a scale that displays less than 50 kilos, the real problem is the weight of my backpack.

We consider that we must not exceed 10% of its total mass! So it may be complicated to carry only 5 kilos for a year around the globe. I decided to maximize to 10 kilos (really no more!), Spread over a big bag of 50L and a smaller one (27L) and advise on the way.

If the backpack is too heavy, the trip can quickly become a real nightmare and I will lose autonomy.

In the end, what’s in my backpack?

I made various tables by category. There are many things that I did not need to buy because I already had.


Price (in €)

Where I bought it

T-shirt (x3)
Shirt (x2)
Trousers (x2)
Under wear
Socks (x3) 7 Décathlon
Scarves / Sarong
Trekking schoes 137 Au vieux campeur
Tennis shoes 10 Bazar
Tongue 2,50 Bazar
Secret pocket

World tour stuff

Price (in €)

Where I bought it

50L backpack
27L Backpack 29,95 Décathlon
Sleeping bag 39,95 Décathlon
Sleeping bag liner
mosquito net 29,99 Go Sport
Airbag 2,50 Bazar
Hidden eyes
Poncho 16,95 Go Sport
Adaptater 15,95 Auchan
String 1,50 Bazar
Lockers (x2)
sink mouth
Sewing kit
Safety pins
Cale door
Plastic bag
Zip freezer bag 1,42 Auchan
Sun glasses
Bezel chain
Notebook 1,75 Auchan
Book 10 Auchan


Toilet Case

Price (in €)

Where I bought it

microfiber towel
Toilet paper
Razor and blade 14,5 Auchan
nail clipper
Soap 200 g 1,53 Auchan
Coton 0,42 Auchan
Q-tip 0,35 Auchan
Hair Elastics 1,50 Auchan

Kit pharmacy

Price (in €)

Where I bought it

Medecin 25 Pharmacy
Safety blanket
Repulsive 18 Pharmacy
Mousti-click 7 Pharmacy


Photo, Video, Computer

Price (in €)

Where I bought it

Camera + charger
Memory card
Tripod 19,90 Auchan
Go Pro + charger
Harness Go Pro
Stick Go Pro
Accessories Go Pro
Computer + charger
Computer bag
Hard disk 70
Smartphone + charger

Red tape

National driving licence
International driving licence
International vaccination book
Diving licence

Finally, that’s 464 euros, and stack 10 kilos !!

Some details

  • The scarf / sarong : can be used as scarf when it is cold, cover shoulders in temples, covers head under the scorching sun, covering nose when it is dusty or simple sarong at the beach. Therefore, it is best to take a kind of scarf rather than a thick wool scarf !!
  • Tongue : both for the beach and for the showers in Guesthouses.
  • String : Multiple uses such as clothesline after washing, easier to fix the mosquito net or harness his backpack in the hold.
  • Zip freezer bag : waterproof and reusable bag.
  • Notice that I do not take toothpaste, and shampoo! The soap is perfect for brushing teeth (yes!) And hair. It must be used to at first but then it is just as effective.
  • Quies ball : essential for dorms or Guesthouses in Asian countries where the street noise can be annoying to sleep.

What I could add

  • A folding tupperware
  • Warm sweet shirt
  • A gourd

I would make changes during my trip to tell you if I left things started or not.

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