Mindo, a paradise in the forest

When I get to Mindo, it is night. It is then the sounds that overwhelm me everywhere. Toads, crickets, the sound of water flowing along the sidewalks, the rivers below and a bunch of other, indescribable, in the forest that surrounds this small town two hours from Quito.

The next morning, what pleasure of discovering this beautiful landscape. The fog hides the mountaintops all around, the sounds of birds mingle with those of the night. The air is humid, it feels good.

What to do in Mindo?

The “town”

Wander and stroll in and around the city. The paved roads are transformed very rapidly in red dirt path where the lush forest rebuke his right. We meet the people, serene. Everyone says hello and sometimes stop to exchange the latest news. We bought some fruit on the market. The taste of mangoes and papayas is a true delight.

La ville de Mindo en Equateur

Inti & Killa

Need a moment of relaxation? A bite to eat or drink a good coffee at Inti & amp; Killa, held by Marie-Gabrielle. She will give you tips from the area and you will forget the time by listening to his Ecuadorian stories in this place full of character. Feel free to leave your opinion on her TripAdivsorpage.



Visit the butterflies reserve: Mariposario. The place is magical! Butterflies flying in every direction, landing on your hands and stir around you. Read the article and video here.

Mariposario à Mindo Equateur

Forest and waterfalls

Explore for 5 hours or more, the trails in the forest and stop midway for a swim in the icy waterfalls. To get there, take the gondola suspended above the forest. The experience is amazing! You can also enjoy the river for rafting and many other activities.

The birds in Mindo

Finally, and this is by far the most famous activity in Mindo, go bird watching, colored, singing with your binoculars.

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