Liebster Award, Top 11, let’s go


Astrid, autor ofHistoires de Tongs and which is undertaking its world tour in recent days, the tagged me Liebster Awards. So thank Astrid and bon voyage!

My turn then to write about Liebster Awards.

What are Liebster Awards ?

Liebster (“the most expensive” in German) are a prize to reward and publicize promising blogs under 200 Facebook and / or Hellocoton subscribers.

Liebster Awards concept

  • Put a link to the blog that has graced you
  • Write 11 personal details
  • Answering 11 questions from the person who awarded you
  • Create 11 questions for blogs that you choose
  • Choose 11 blogs nominated by inserting a link to their blogs
  • Inform them

11 points that characterize me

1. knowledge

Completely knowledge addict, I have an insatiable desire to learn more and more.

2. I am dizzy

Thing I’ve discovered there are few remaining hanging in a tree in a ropes course.

3. Asian food

At every meal, in any season, there is not a week goes by that I eat dumplings, an udon soup, or a lamen.

4. Monkey lover

I’m in a trance when I see one of these primates. Whether photo, video, or true (there it is downright madness!). I have a preference for macaques, chimpanzees and bonobos. You have already seen the hysterical groupies to a rock star … same!!

5. I have ears hurt when I run, even in summer!

And I don’t know why…

6. I hate shopping

Like all girls, right ??!

7. I imitate rather well Florence Foresti

“Peach kir”, “Drunk and not tipsy” and “it must be that amino acids down to ends“.

8. I dance, you dance, we dance

Some steps from waltz, rock, salsa … I like to dance until you drop, till dawn, alone or with a rider.

9. Antics

If it says “antiques”, I says “go, go, go.” If it says old armchair holed, I say “wallpapering activity sanding and varnish.”

10. I forget everything when I see the sea or ocean

One of the few times when I am silent.

11. The word that I hate


I answer 11 questions Astrid

1. What was your best trip and why?

It’s always difficult to answer this question because every trip is unique. I liked Canada for its multiple landscapes, Cuba for the friendly people, the New Caledonia for underwater dives accompanied by the manta rays …

2.What fetish do you bring out and about?

My camera, I can’t live without.

3. If you had a motto, it would be …?

Anticipate to live in the moment.

4. What prompted me to keep a blog?

I go on world tour very soon and I want firstly to provide share what I will live by discovering other cultures and wonders of the world but I also want to keep a link with my marketing profession.

5. Which country you want to visit someday?

ALL!! ahaha

6. What is the most unusual dish you ate?

Not much for now … shark, monkey, ostrich … I could probably expand the list next year.

7. What is your favorite movie and why?

LAgain, I have a little trouble just to name one. The most significant may be Leon, released in 1994. But since so many more !!

8. Do you have a bad memory of trip?

In 2007, travel to Venezuela. I take the bus, such as local, with my mom who lived there at the time. A “nice” gentleman put us in playing with his “nice” little pistol, to tell us that as “tourists”, we had to take a taxi. Basically, you’re a tourist, you pay! We could not realize at the time, but once in the taxi … Nothing too serious but it’s strange!

9. What do you like in the fact of traveling?

First of all, it is culture and history. I like to open our eyes to the difference and simplicity of life of other peoples. Then it’s back to the essential and make beautiful encounters.

10. What is your most beautiful encounter on a trip?

The family of SafranJodhpur in India, with whom I stayed three days. Good giggles around cricket matches, sometimes too spicy dishes, henna tattoos, of English lesson and scooter rides to 4 above, without horn!

11. If one crosses on the roads of the world, you feel you drink coffee?

With great pleasure, it’s always very nice to meet other travel lovers and to share their experiences. And since you say you are always up for a challenge, maybe we can share one of myare you able or not ? !!

The 11 blogs I chose to nominate Liebster Awards

Here are my answers (11 for reminder!!)

  1. Where does this passion for travel come from?
  2. What place would you live and why?
  3. What do you miss from your home?
  4. What makes you feel retail travel / holiday?
  5. What most unusual means of transport did you ever borrow?
  6. In travel, alone or with others?
  7. How long was your longest trip?
  8. What holds you most at heart traveling?
  9. Can you tell us about your site in a few words?
  10. What is your funniest anecdote traveling?
  11. What is your tip and tricks traveling?

See you soon from you and wishing you beautiful trips !!

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