Laguna del Paron, 9 hours walking by yourself or private guide?

Laguna del Paron, 4170 meters above sea level, is a beautiful turquoise lake, 32 km from the small town of Caraz and 99 km from Huaraz.

Located in the Cordillera, this natural wonder is surrounded by snowy peaks Artesonraju, Pyramid, North Huandoy, Pisco, Chacraraju and Paria. Throughout the trip from Caraz, we cross the black mountain range, sheer. It is very impressive !

Laguna del Paron Caraz

There are several ways to get to the lagoon from Caraz. Note first that Caraz is a small town, not really touristy. Therefore, things are sometimes more difficult to do by yourself but so much more authentic.

3 options available to you, I have tested 2.

One day 9 hours walk on your own

The cheapest solution but nevertheless most tiring, exhausting, is to ride up half way by Combi until Pueblo Paron, then the rest by walking to the lagoon.

From the terminal, next to the central market, you need to take a collective mini bus to Pueblo Paron. There is one at 7am and 11am in the morning. According the number of hours of walking, it is better to take the earlier one.

Traps to avoid : the terminal regards the destination Cashapampa & Paron, not the means of transport. So there also taxis that try to mislead you to make you pay the fare to your destination. Do not give in, there are many combi daily.

Once in Pueblo Paron after about 1:30 of transport, there is more to follow the path. But be careful to not follow the dirt road zigzagging because you would then have to walk 16km. There are small paths cross indicated by small mounds of stone. Do not miss them! Via these shortcuts, it will be THAT 9km and 4 hours walk to go to get to the lagoon!


In return, the combi are rare and there is a poor traffic. It was almost your having to walk to Caraz 19 km from Pueblo Paron.

My day. Not knowing the existence of the side roads, so I followed the road to finally turn around after walking 4:30 hours. In return, there was no bus, so I walked in the rain (every afternoon in the mountains) to Caraz. After 9am on at all, I finally found a car to take me back! 9 hours walking and I have not even seen the lagoon …

A guide, a car and two hours on Lagoon

The second solution, the best in my opinion if you want to make the site a day, is to go through a guide. At Caraz, Pony’s expeditions is the only true guide agency offering many activities (trek in the Cordillera Blanca, climbing, biking, etc.).

Alberto, an experienced guide will take you to the Lagoon for an expedition of six hours. The rates are decreasing depending on the number of people in the group. It is really worth spending to go on the place and learn more about the Peruvian culture and Quechua in Spanish, English, French, Italian …

Laguna del Paron Caraz

Mid-way, you can enjoy a good Mate de Coca (Coca tea) and take as many pictures as you like.

Two days, a camp, a tent

The third solution is to start on the day by its own, to camp at the lagoon and come back the next day. I have not tested this alternative, but I met two motorcycle backpackers who return with their tent.

So they have shown me that it is possible to stay for the night on first camp just before the lagoon, or on the second camp after the lagoon.

There is indeed a second lake, the Laguna Artesoncocha right after 5.5 km, accessible only by walking, passing on the left the Laguna del Paron. This is a smaller lagoon.

Pyramide de Garcilaso - Laguna del Paron Caraz

Do you have other tips but this time, from Huaraz?

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