From Ecuador to Peru, land border

That’s it, after three weeks in Ecuador, I just arrived in Peru. For that, I crossed the land border through Macara. A long 10 hours ride by bus.

Frontiere Equateur Pérou

From Loja (Ecuador)

The day before leaving for Peru, I went to Loja, one of the starting points of the bus to Peru. I bought my ticket $ 12 for departure at 6:00 am. I booked the wrong bus company and unfortunately realized it later. I had a super early morning ticket for a local bus! The other company, Loja International, the most famous part in 7:00 (much better!) And has “comfortable” bus and takes a direct route!

Mine has drove on secondary roads. Wecome zigzag and potholes on the way! We do not count the many stops to pick up or drop anyone reaches out along the road. A great experience!

The border crossing at Macara

Arrival at the Ecuador side of the border, the bus stops to aim its exit from the country. There are not many people. Then the bus passes the area in-between stops and Peruvian side this time. Again, go down the bus to dab it enters in Peru with the customs officer. That’s it, I went smoothly in Peru!

Advice : On customs post of entry in the country (Peru here, but it’s the same everywhere in South America), even if you have permission for a 90-day visa, customs ask you how long you plan to stay . Do not say less than 90 days because if you do, the expected date of your departure from the country will be shown on your passport, and you will then not stay longer if you change your mind along the way!

The Peruvian side, first impressions

The bus restarts, and we’re off to complete the remaining 3:30 to Piura, final destination of the bus. We still have three other customs controls on the rest of the way. Checking the bus doors, passengers.

The temperature increased by 7 degrees from Loja (it’s almost 34!), It is very warm in the bus.

Gradually down to the Pacific coast. The mountains on the horizon disappear, leaving place for large areas more arid. The vegetation becomes less dense. The land of cities, dusty, cluttered with trash are smelly. The mud houses and straw merge into the background. The pickups are replaced by tuk-tuks parading in a din of horns. One could almost believe we are in India!

At a time of arrival, we made one last stop to load all of the hold of juicy melons bus, normal! I would have done a tasting break …

Chargement melon Péroua

See you soon for a Peruvian adventure!

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