Checklist “what’s in my bag for a world tour”?

Because the word procrastination is not part of my vocabulary, because I am an inconditional lover of lists and ESPECIALLY because anticipation for projects like this seems to me essential to fully enjoy moments of life then, here tHE ALL list (or almost) of my preparations before departure.

And again, I do not have any writing. I spared you the tricks of the genre – guest list for my farewellretrieve maps of major cities to visit or create useful shortcuts on my computer. Yes, I even have that kind of reminder in my to-do list. Creepy? not at all. A good way to organize without forgetting anything quietly and without hurry? Certainly !

Depending on your world tour, you will not have necessarily the same list. For example, resign or terminate its housing is not necessarily mandatory. Presumably at some sabbatical, or to sublet (attention to stay within the law).

For my part, I made the difficult decision to leave apartment, job and comfort related to my current life for maximum economy and an imminent departure.

First : make the list ! hihi


  • List and select the countries to visit (see my journey here)
  • Book my world tour flight tickets
  • Know the different visa requirements
  • Calculate an estimated budget
  • Create my CouchSurfing profile
  • Getting some real knowledge of Spanish (Thanks Charlotte!)

Red tape

  • Scan all important administrative documents in case of theft or damage
  • Create an account or profile for all possible administrative services
  • Cancel my mobile phone insurance
  • Cancel my mobile telephony, Internet + TV subscriptions (and return the box!)
  • Stop electricity subscription
  • Cancel my auto and home insurance
  • Cancel my transportation pass
  • Call taxes to change tax address
  • Subscribe 2ième bank card and manage the trip to the bank’s level (ceilings, foreign exchange, etc.)
  • Getting ID photos
  • Photocopy all identity documents
  • Scan and send those same IDs
  • Forward my mail
  • List the places where my bank agencies are located in the world
  • Renew my passport to have a new and empty one
  • Getting an international driving licence

Back pack / sewing

  • Broder (that’s a big word!) A mark on my backpack
  • Listing all contents of my backpack
  • Buy what is missing
  • Sew a secret pocket in my clothes
  • Create asecret pocket to attach to the size or just buy it


  • Terminate my lease
  • Collect boxes
  • Packing, tape and protect the entire contents of my apartment
  • Move
  • Make the state of fixtures


  • To get vaccinated
  • Consult with key medical specialists (dentists, …) to visit before departure
  • To get an order for the first aid kit and vaccines
  • Suscribe to an international travel care insurrance
  • Call Social Security to keep his rights and indicate their changement of position (Employment and domiciliation)
  • Renew my glasses
  • Make a list of important numbers (embassies, hospitals, …) by country


  • Sell my car (sniff!)
  • Selling my superfluous objects and stuffs

Stay connected / Camera & computer

  • Prepare my computer in terms of software (photo, video, film, music, etc.)
  • Create my blog
  • Creat a Vimeo profil
  • Create social network pages related to the blog
  • Manufacture accessories for Gopro
  • Lister and install Smartphone applications running offline and useful for travel
  • Create generic teasers video


  • Announce my departure (and not forget anyone !!)
  • Organize an agenda with “Do not miss” on 1 year (declaration and payment of taxes, birthday, …)
  • Identify contacts and their contact details
  • Organize leaving party (hihihihi!!)


  • Announce my departure to my boss
  • Organize my departure (procurement, records fence, …)
  • Provide CV in English in case!


  • Say goodbye, smile and go

And because after all, it is also important, the tiny mini list of “I’m leaving in five months, so I do not ….”

  • I’m not going to the hairdresser, long hair operation !!
  • Stop shopping
  • No more compulsive buying books (very very very difficult)

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