Chakana, Inca origins

All Peruvian Inca beliefs based on their origins and the symbolic representation of Chakana, 2500 BC. Some explanations on its symbolism and references.

Chakana, croyances incasWhat is Chakana?

In queschua, chaka means “star” and represents the bridge between our world and heaven. A kind of stargate in short. Also known as “guide”, “the way“… It is a representation of the close links between heaven and earth. The whole forming the Inca cosmos.

Representation and divinity

The center of the cross is a round consists of two parts. The upper portion being the lower one and the sun, the moon. Everything refers to the creator of the universe called “Viracocha”. This is the main god of the Incas.

3 levels

Then finds the stairs of the cross. Each level having its meaning.

Level God Animal Colour Pole Time Pillar
1 Hanan Pacha Condor White Negative Futur Meditation
2 Kay Pacha Puma Neutral Present Force
3 Uku Pacha Snake Black Positive Past Wisdom

We find references in the various ruins of the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu in, etc. Downs for the snake tunnels become higher passages for the puma and lead to a cliff so that the condor flies.

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