Carnival of Grenada – St. George

At St. George, on the island of Grenada, the carnival is held annually the second week of August. From Saturday to Tuesday, are 4 full days where children and adults parade through the city.

Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to children’s carnival. Monday morning is held the most typical and unique parade in the world is called the J’ouvert. Tuesday to place the big parade with different groups and themes.

The festival lasts for 4 days and 4 nights, rum keeps flowing and the music makes no pause.

The J’ouvert :

The parade marks the celebration that took place at the time, when the last cut of the sugar cane fields. The participants, inhabitants of the island mostly covered with scrolls motor oil, yellow paint, red, green, violet and other.

Do not be offended to be a little blackened or completely colorful, this is the game of this parade! Therefore chosen his oldest clothes.

The origin dates back to sugar cane crops. Men and women working in the fields, in the back of trucks, were under exhausts or worked on the engines. They were so dirty and covered with oil.

During the parade, the inhabitants of the island are mostly covered with waste oil, giving them an oily black appearance. Many wear the chains of slavery to remind this time. There are devils with horns, players steel bands, tanks equipped with powerful speakers orchestrated by local DJs.


Steel band origin :

After World War II, American soldiers who had military bases in the Caribbean are parties by leaving their can of gasoline and other materials. The premises have recovered and have made this instrument: the steel band.

The big parade:

This parade brings carnival that is seen in other countries. Colorful costumes, sequins and tiaras are out.

There are two stops during the parade during which each group performs the choreography created. The costumes, the theme and the dances are judged by four members then elect at the end of Tuesday, the best group of the year.

Most of the time, the themes are those of the four key elements of life (sun, moon, love and water). Other groups recall the colonization of 4 countries (Spain, France, England and Venezuela). The symbol represents the unity of the people despite their colonial history. A good example to follow!

More photos of the Grenada Carnival on Facebook.

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