Butterflies in Mindo – Visit Mariposario

The town of Mindo, Ecuador, is famous for its birds (almost 500 species recorded) but also for its breeding of butterflies (Mariposario del Mindo).

Papillon de Mindo

It is better to go in the late morning, at the hottest time of the day to see a maximum of butterflies.

A 6 euros admission entitles you to a quick explanation of the rearing process. You then go to the greenhouse and can stay there as long as you like.

Inside the “Reserve”, we find ourselves surrounded on all sides of butterflies. That’s wonderful ! There are all kinds of all colors, all sizes.

The most common and the most numerous are the Caligo Memnon (photo above) . They are bigger and easier to catch. The principle is quite simple. Just put some banana on his hand, and take the butterfly from below. This is then attracted by the sugar and hooks onto your finger.

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Up to you then to watch them very closely and admire their shapes, colors and movements of wings.

I have prepared a mini video but that does not make the show that is taking once inside. So a small preview!

How to get there?

You can take a taxi, expensive and too fast or take your time and browse the path of one hour walk.

You’ll have plenty of time to discover the surroundings and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest.

No need to map to get there, there is only one road going north. And if you are in doubt, ask the way! They will gladly show you the way.

Go ahead, it’s really worth!

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