Around the world , how I plunge ?

Every morning , we repeat themself: I ‘ll dream to go around the world, meeting other cultures, enjoy every moment, live the present!

Every holiday , we say that we really have a dog’s life slaving away all year for 15 miserable days in an environment that suits us. Finally, it is well; the toes fan, going through other magical experiences. You tell me, this is normal ! This is what we call “holiday”! yes, but not only …

Every year , when choosing our next destination, we say :« then Macchu Picchu in Peru? Ha Long Bay in Vietnam? Beach in Brazil?” Yes because you have to make a choice ! And “once I have seen the Iguazu Falls, I will not have time to really see Argentina, its people, at the heart of their culture …”

And then one day, you say, why I don’t go around the world? Why I will not see the Great Wall of China, the coral reef and Kilimanjaro in one trip? Why I can not make my passion my daily life?

Why not?

Some research budget later, here I am now planning my destinations, ask my resignation and leave everything I have to begin my adventure, beyond all my dreams .

By dint of thinking, by dint of saying, I did it !

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