21 days in Ecuador, budget and directions in Central Sierra

Ecuador has an area of half of France. You will say that it is a small country and it is easy to do full 3 weeks or a month …

21 jours en Equateur, itinéraireHowever, it is a country very rich culturally and geographically. There the coast, the central mountain range (Cordillera!!) and Oriente (and its Amazon jungle). It is also thought the Galapagos Islands, but I put them aside because of the astronomical cost of the trip (minimum 1000 dollars for five days on site!). So many area where the climate, altitude and variety of landscape changes.

You can choose to make a quick trip to see the maximum of thing or take your time to go and meet people and local customs.

In 21 days, I chose to do only the Central Sierra to maintain the necessary acclimatization to the altitude but also take my time on each stage.

So here is the journey that I undertook in Ecuador before joining Peru by land.

Carte de mon itinéraire en Equateur

  • Day 1 : Arrival at night in Quito.
  • Day 2 : Visit to the Mitad del Mundo in the morning and the afternoon walk in Quito (historical center and Basilica del Voto Nacional).
  • Day 3 : Day to Otavalo and walk into stalls of market
  • Day 4 : Departure by bus in the late morning to Mindo.
  • Day 5 : Day in Mindo. Walk around the town.
  • Day 6 : Visite de la butterflies reserve (Mariposario), Live music eve in Inti & Killa.
  • Day 7 : Hiking day in the forest and swimming in the Reina waterfall. Funicular passageway above the forest.
  • Day 8 : Departure by bus in the morning to return to Quito and take directly another bus to Latacunga on the same day.
  • Day 9 : Rest day in Latacunga, locating in the city, stroll on the market.
  • Day 10 :Day to Quilotoa, down by the lake and climb by walking. Drive back to Latacunga.
  • Day 11 : Morning departure by bus to Banos. Afternoon motorcycle to go to La casa del arbol, at the base of the volcano (erupting, I said!). Howls on the swing of the end of the world, hihi!
  • Day 12 : Tour of Banos (market, Basilica of Nuestra Senora de Agua Santa), swimming in the thermal baths El Salado.
  • Day 13 : Cycling Day to Rio Verde, on the ruta de las cascades. Funicular between mountains. Descent to the waterfall Canon del Diablo. Back by truck.
  • Day 14 : Swimming in the thermal baths of Banos: Piscinas de La Virgen.
  • Day 15 : Departure by bus at noon to go to Riobamba.
  • Day 16 :I was sick (a small bronchitis!) And therefore did nothing. But since Riobamba, we must start a day on the Chimborazo volcano over 5,000 meters.
  • Day 17 : Departure to Cuenca, a day of transport.
  • Day 18 : City tour and the historical center (it’s the second most beautiful colonial city in Ecuador after Quito).
  • Day 19 : Departure for Vilcabamba via Loja. Day also complete transport. Arriving late in the day.
  • Day 20 : Visit around the city. Local dance classes at night.
  • Day 21 : Hiking day in the mountains.
  • Day 22 : Retour sur Loja en fin de journée.
  • Day 23 : Crossing in Peru.

If you choose the same type itinerary but leave as a plane from Quito, you will need to count a day or more or take a plane from Loja to return to Quito (1 hour flight).

Budget for 21 days

Instead of writing you these expenses per day, ie boring and irrelevant details! Here’s a nice little graphic, like in school, to illustrate my expenditure. Total budget on site (excluding airfare):397 euros for 21 days. That makes an average of 19 euros a day. I even managed to save money on my predictions. It smells good restaurant soon !! hehe.

Some order of price: food on the market cost between 1-2 dollars, a dorm bed between 7 and 10 dollars and it takes 1 dollars per hour transportation by bus.

Budget dépensé en Equateur

I specify that the item “divers” relates pharmacy, laundry or buying shampoo and other daily futility (much needed after all!).

Need more details about the route or the budget? Have fun in the comments!

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